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.1.Entwurf Stand 17.07.96Name of Vessel:Chief Officer:Voy.:Name of Master:Team A Leader:Date:Port:Team B Leader:Time:Lt.The prevention of stowaways starts by controlling who comes on board.Only persons with the Master's permission or persons involved in the cargo operations are allowed to enter the vessel.Team A is inspecting the Main Deck, Cargo Holds and Store Area Decks.Team B is inspecting the Engine Room, inside Accommodation and outer Accommodation Decks.No.ItemYes/No01All Stores and Loggers in the Forecastle section inspected and locked.02All Cargo Holds inspected and locked.Only cargo holds where operation took place where open.03Spaces between cargo inspected after completion of operations.04All spaces between Hatch covers and inside the Hatch coaming are inspected and found OK05Deck cranes inspected from inside and on top and found OK06All open doors or dampers inspected and locked.07Logger rooms on Main Deck and Poop Deck inspected and found in order08Masts and Funnel top inspected and found in order09All accommodation decks and stores in the area inspected and found OK10All Doors and Dampers in the accommodation area checked if locked and found all locked.11All Stores and Loggers under the Poop Deck inspected and found OK12All cabin doors checked and found locked13Mess Rooms, Recreation Rooms, Galley and Pantry inspected and found OK14All Engine Room spaces inspected and found OK15All doors or dampers from Engine Room inspected and found locked16Search completed and result reported to Master17Watchmen on both sides of the vessel as well as forward and aft are assuring that no stowaway enters the vessel while it is waiting for Pilot18During Port stay a Deck Watchman was continuously on duty.Signature of MasterSignature of Duty OfficerSearching for StowawaysSchiffahrtskontor tom WrdenGmbH & Co.KGWilhelm-Schrder-Str.3D-21726 OldendorfCL-024Revision 017.10.2003Page 1 of 1 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]