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.And you will all bewith me!Like a mirror image of the absent Draco, Kane stood before the control chair, hisclenched fist raised in the air.Like an echo of the emperor s words, he shouted Valanzia! Mortibundo! Earth!The others echoed Kane. Dispatch the armament crews, he commanded. Alert all warships for theattack! On my personal command three two one execute!With a final, ringing cheer, the Draconian warriors sprang to initiate the final andtotal conquest of unsuspecting Earth!92 NINEAn inconspicuous cargo hatch aboard the Draconia popped open.Two faces peeredcautiously out into the corridor where young Draconian technicians, crewmen andtroopers were pounding by, intent upon their assigned military tasks. This is no good, Twiki, the owner of one of the faces complained to the other. There are soldiers everywhere.And we don t even know where to look for CaptainRogers.The other of the pair squeaked his reply. Of course not, Twiki.I don t want to get caught either, Theopolis agreed. Butthere s something terribly wrong here, I m afraid.Those men are wearing battle gear.Helmets and armor.And carrying weapons.I thought the Draconia was an unarmedship of commerce.We ve got to find out what s going on.Come on, now, Twiki,come on.In the royal stateroom of the Princess Ardala, Buck Rogers had crept from thebarbarically furnished bed and stood silently looking down at its remaining occupant.The Princess Ardala slept soundly, her negligee still clinging to her in disarray.Shewas almost bathed in luxurious, exotic furs that she used for bed furnishings.A smileof blissful satisfaction was on her heavily sensual lips as she slept the sleep of onedrugged by doctored Vinol.Buck reached out with one hand and caressed her long, gleaming tresses.Hebreathed a sigh of fatalistic yearning, then drew back his hand and moved away fromthe bed, crossing the room to the door and stealthily drawing it open by the merestcrack.Outside the stateroom Buck saw Ardala s Tiger-man bodyguard.The giantmutated creature stood faithfully on guard, his back to the door, his arms foldedimpassively.From his great throat there emerged a low rumbling sound that mighthave been composed half of a subliminal growl, half of a pleased, abstracted purr.Buck would never have wanted to face that guardian when Tigerman was alert for hisattack.But Tiger-man was guarding the stateroom now against intruders fromoutside not protecting himself from attack within the stateroom!Buck reached forward, cautiously lifted Tiger-man s laser gun from its holster.Tigerman remained blissfully unaware of Buck s presence.The earthman examinedthe laser, set its dial for stun, raised it again and carefully squeezed the trigger.Thegiant bodyguard stiffened in his tracks, then toppled massively backward into Buck swaiting arms.Buck dragged the huge, still form into the darkened stateroom andtiptoed back into the corridor, drawing the stateroom door silently shut behind him.Buck moved stealthily along the corridor, opened a well-marked hatch anddescended a circular ramp.As he passed the levels of the Draconia he carefully93 observed the level designations marked on successive bulkheads in brilliantincandescent orange and black symbols.Beside each Draconian symbol was letteredthe official designation of the flagship section located on that particular level of theship.With a jolt Buck halted before the designation he had been seeking.The symbolwas a sinister one; the lettering said Fightercraft Launch Deck, Magazine SectionRed (1).Buck carefully slipped through the open hatchway onto the fighter launchdeck, concealing himself in the shadows behind a pile of equipment crates.He peeredout at the activity taking place on the deck.The deck itself was chiefly in darkness, but a large number of overhead-mountedspotlights picked out a veritable beehive of busy activity.Crewmen in varicolored jumpsuits, each suit keyed to its wearer s assigned duty,swarmed over a full squadron of fighters, preparing them for combat launch.Carrier-carts loaded with laser weapons and explosive missiles trundled byBuck s hiding-place; the earthman was able to see every feature of the cart-driver sintent face.The driver might have seen Buck lurking in the shadows had he turned atthe right moment, but he rolled intently by, thereby saving himself from the quickstun-blast that Buck was prepared to deliver to prevent premature discovery.The ships themselves were arrayed in mathematically precise echelon-rows.Thecrewmen who swarmed around them wore Draconian gear, Draconian uniformsmarked with Draconian insignia.Each battle-jacket bore a large reproduction of thefamiliar Draconian coat-of-arms stitched colorfully upon its back.But the ships themselves were not Draconian!With a gasp, Buck recognized the fightercraft being prepared in the Draconianflagship for combat duty.They were pirate marauder ships! The ancient emblem ofpiracy, a grinning white death s-head, was blazoned large on the snout of each of thepirate ships.And the livid red and black stripes in which the fuselages were decked, gave thestrange impression, here in the shadowy light of the launching deck, of an ancientsymbol of death and destruction and sheer, malevolent evil, that Buck rememberedlearning about in his history classes back in the early 1980s.They were formed like the evil, broken-limbed cross, the ancient swastika!Suddenly Buck s attention was drawn away from the fighter craft by the approachof footsteps and the sound of voices engaged in low conversation broken by thenervous laughter of fighting men preparing to go into combat.Two helmetedDraconian troopers appeared near Buck.They were unaware of him, merely passingby the equipment crates behind which he was concealed.They stopped almost withinarm s reach of Buck, exchanged a final few words, then separated.One returned across the launch deck.The other looked toward the hatchway, moved in that direction as if to mount thespiral staircase to another deck but that was a mistake for him! Soundlessly, Buckleaped from his shadowy station, threw an arm around the throat of the trooper anddragged him in an instant back into the shadows&.Things were moving quickly, now, toward a climax.94 In another part of the Draconia, Kane, a grimly determined expression on hisface, moved silently along one of the ship s main corridors.Crewmen whom hepassed recoiled in fear.They knew Kane, and they knew that he was in no mood tobe crossed.And in still another area of the flagship a stranger pair of beings scuttered brisklyalong, one of them on his short, mechanical legs; the other, hanging from the neck ofthe first.The two of them reached a key intersection of corridors just as theimpressive form of Kane, his face showing his deep concentration on his ownthoughts, entered the intersection from the other corridor.Twiki and Theopolis ducked back into an access way, barely in time to avoid acollision with one of Kane s heavily booted feet. Look at that! 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