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.Then he realized what kind of gun the hand was grippingthe.38-caliber Undercover that he'd stolen from the armory for Kate Webb."Ryan?" she whispered."Yeah.""I got the key to let you out.""The sec men?"She was kneeling, fumbling with the key, dropping her gloves on the floor."Deal was I'd suck them and they'd let me see you.""And?""First time I did what he wanted and the bastard wouldn't keep his word.Said come back and do it for his friends."Ryan could feel a cold wind blowing from the open door.He tried to move around to make it easier for the young woman to free him.The only good thing was that, in the brawl and the confusion of the cave-in, nobody had thought to search him.The SIG-Sauer and the panga were still safely hidden under his heavy clothing."Yeah, go on telling me.""Three dumb fucks.Stood there.I said to get their cocks out ready and line up.Stood there.Pathetic little maggots, in the cold, around the side of the hut.Drew the blaster Got it."He shook the chains off his wrists, freeing himself completely, drawing his own automatic."You reloaded your blaster?""No.""Do it.""Now?""Yeah.How many you fire?""Three.""Chilled them all with three rounds." Ryan was impressed."They near shit themselves.One bullet back of the neck.I made the shits kneel in front of me.""Didn't hear a sound.""Blowing a blizzard outside.""You did real well." He grabbed her and gave her a quick kiss on her cold cheek."Now what? Rescue Dean?"He shook his head."Be more guards.Zimyanin could come anytime.Best is get outside and hide up.Then save the boy when they don't expect it."He moved past her, glancing into the deserted corridor.Since he hadn't heard the bleak execution of the three sec men, it was safe to assume that nobody else had.The snow was whirling into the passage from the black night beyond.Ryan walked slowly and peered around the door, but it wasn't possible to make anything out more than thirty feet away."Shelter," he said to the young woman, who followed him into the storm with a stumbling, coltish grace.They vanished into the blizzard.Less than five minutes later, Gregori Zimyanin came roaring up."I KNOW THAT YOU ARE the son of Ryan Cawdor.""Who's that?" The dark right eye, the left one still covered by a patch, brimmed with innocence as it stared up at the Russian."Listen to me, pretty youth, and listen to me very well."Dean had seen much wickedness in his ten years of life, had very often been frightened.Though he was trying with all his might to conceal it, he'd never met anyone who scared him like the powerful, bald-headed Russian."I know who you are.I know your father.We have met socially.I will kill him when I see him next.I want to rip out your heart and devour it, so bitter is my hatred for you, little Master Cawdor.But, you will be good, Master Goode.""How?""By remaining here alive.""My father'll kill you first.""Bravely spoken.You have never hunted the white Siberian tiger, have you? No, I believe that the reply will not be in the affirmative.""No.""A cunning beast.But it can be trapped by offering it something that it wants.Perhaps a tender young goat."Dean looked at the man."You think my father'll come to save me, then you can catch him?"The large head nodded slowly, the eyes hooded and blank."It is not beyond the realms of possibility, Master Cawdor.""I'll cut my own throat first."Zimyanin smiled."Bravely spoken, tovarich.If I had a son, I would wish that he showed such bravery in adversity.But I had thought of that.A sec man will watch over you as tender as an apple-cheeked babushka.When the trap is sprung I will have the tiger flayed alive and hang its skin upon my wall.And you may watch, Master Cawdor.""Go fuck a dead rat, shiftface."But the Russian was already halfway out of the door and the insult was wasted.THE TIGER WAS LESS than a quarter of a mile away from his hunter, squatting with Kate in a low-roofed concrete hut that had once provided primitive shelter for the workers when blasting was taking place [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]