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.I flashed Smith a nervous glance and he gave me a slight shrug as if to say ‘what can we do?’The guy holding the Uzi slammed the gates shut and waved back towards the building.The buzz of the electrified fortifications hummed in the air again.These guys had certainly got their shit together with their anti-zombie barricades.I didn’t quite get what all the skulls and zombie dead heads were about though.Maybe it was a ritual thing, trying to ward off evil spirits or some such shit.The guy’s weapons were trained on us and we were ushered towards the decrepit buildings.A tarpaulin sheet covered wooden boards like a make-shift porch outside the first stone building.Our feet clanked on the boards and the guys holding the weapons followed us inside.The expansive room was dim inside, sheltered from the sunlight with no windows.Candles burned on tall, cast iron holders in each corner of the room, providing just enough light to see what we were doing.The room was cluttered with strange paraphernalia running the length of the four walls.Human and animal skulls were stacked onto the branches of a thick, dead tree.The branches poked through the empty eye sockets making the tree look like a macabre configuration of death.Framed photographs of people were propped against wooden statuettes and African style, waist–high drums.Multi colored bead necklaces were draped across strange, wooden carved masks hanging from the walls.Top Hat strolled into the room behind the others and gestured for Smith and me to sit down on the wooden packing crates surrounding a round wooden table that looked as old as the buildings, in the center of the room.Smith flashed me a confused glance as we parked our butts on the packing crates.The guys with the guns surrounded us then backed away when Top Hat sat down on a chair opposite us.Spot whimpered and sat between my feet.The poor dog was probably as confused as we were.“You get bit?” Top Hat growled.“No, we’re not bit,” Smith said.“Hey, do you mind if we smoke in here?”Top Hat waved his hand in a gesture that Smith took as a go ahead movement.Smith handed me a cigarette, put one in his mouth and offered the pack to Top Hat.Smith flicked open his Zippo and lit our cigarettes.Top Hat blew smoke across the table and stared intently at us.“What’s the deal here then, fella?” Smith asked.“We don’t mean you or your people any harm.”“They’re looking for boat men,” Skull Face interrupted.Top Hat gave Skull Face a brief glance then turned his attention back to us.“Boat men are bad men,” he said.Smith nodded.“Very bad men.Those bastards took one of our crew, a girl.They robbed us and shot and killed our other dog.” He pointed to Spot sitting on the floor.“We want our girl back and make those bad men pay for what they did.”Top Hat shook his head and I spotted a mournful look in his eyes.“You won’t have no luck trying to get your property back from the boat men.We had women here once, not so long ago but the boat men came and took all of them.That’s why we put up the fence and armed ourselves, to stop boat men coming here again.We all came here when the dead began to rise up and walk.We came out here to get away from society but bad men still around, even when most folk are dead.”“Where can we find these men?” Smith asked.Top Hat sighed and stubbed out his cigarette on the floor with his foot.“How can we be sure you’re not with the boat men?”“We’re not, I assure you,” I said.“We shot two of them back at the Marina a few miles downriver.”“You killed boat men?”“We shot one of them dead,” I lied, omitting the fact we left him to be eaten alive by the zombies.“The other one got away on the Navy boat with our friend and all our weapons and supplies.They sunk our boat and we got away from the marina in a shitty, small speed boat that broke down on the river.We moored it on the bank.We’ve got jack shit left apart from the hand guns we carried and two bottles of booze.”Top Hat’s gaze flicked between Smith and me.I guessed he was weighing up whether we were telling the truth or not.We sure as shit were heading for a rough time if he thought we were telling lies.Chapter ElevenTop Hat leaned back in his chair and rocked the two front legs slightly off the floor.He tilted his head back and to one side, studying us.“How come you survived all this time?”“We escaped from New York City in an old coastguard boat,” I explained.“We’ve been sailing around the coast, heading south for the last few months.We’ve been looking for a safe place to hole up for a while.”“You avoided the zombie in New York?”“It was rough but we managed somehow.We lost a few of our party along the way,” Smith said.Top Hat nodded.“I can’t decide to believe your story or not.But I’m a reasonable man so I’ll let you on your way.You’ll find boat men along the river, further up.”“Okay, we appreciate that,” Smith said.“Can you fix us up with some spare weapons and ammo?”Top Hat laughed and shook his head [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]