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.”“Where were you before that?”“I was working late.There was a crisis at work and I’d been called into an emergency meeting.” He turned to me.“That’s why I didn’t answer my phone when you called.”The officers seemed satisfied with his answers.A short time later a pair of detectives arrived with a crime scene investigation team.The officers told us to stay in the kitchen, then they went into the living room to speak to the detectives.I held on to Marcus’ hand like it was a lifeline, but didn’t speak.The detectives came into the kitchen to talk to us while the crime scene investigators took pictures and gathered other evidence in the living room.“Ma’am, we’d like you to tell us exactly what happened tonight,” Detective Towers said, pulling out a notepad and pen.I told them how Trevor had come over to play with Natalie like he had been doing for the last few weeks, and at first everything was fine, but then he suddenly announced he was going to keep the baby.Then after making me put the dog out, he punched me in the head, which knocked me out.When I’d woken up my hands and feet were tied, but I was able to get the ropes off.“Why didn’t you call the police once you were free?”“Maybe I should have, but I had an idea of how to get him to bring Natalie back.” I paused, reliving the despair I’d felt when I’d realized Trevor had taken Natalie.“Go on,”Pulling myself back to the present, I told them about finding the SD card and digging up the money and how I’d thought if I told Trevor about the money, he would be willing to give me Natalie back.“Then what happened?” Detective Towers asked.I told them how Trevor had agreed to trade the baby for the money and told me to meet him at the park, and what had happened there.“Why did you come back to the house?”“I don’t know.I was in a panic and I didn’t realize I’d left the keys to my car at the park.”“What happened when you got to the house?”I recounted what had happened.When I got to the part where Trevor was strangling me, I felt Marcus’ hand tighten on mine.“I knew I was going to die,” I said, tears filling my eyes.“But then Greta came running through the front door and saved me.”“Is that Greta that I hear barking?” Detective Towers asked.“Yes, I put her in my room so she wouldn’t get in the way.”“What kind of dog is she?”“A German Shepherd.”“And where is the money that you mentioned?” Towers asked.“I don’t know.I guess in my car.”“Let’s go take a look,” Towers said.They followed me out to my car.Trevor had left the keys in the ignition.Detective Towers took them out and opened the trunk where we found the gym bag.“And you don’t know where the money originally came from?”I shook my head.“It was buried where Trevor had put it.”Towers took the bag out of the trunk.“We’ll need to do some investigating, but if it legitimately belonged to your husband, we’ll give it back to you.I almost told them I didn’t want to have anything to do with it, but decided to keep my thoughts to myself.We went back into the house and more people arrived.One of them was the coroner and he took Trevor’s body away.Then a tow truck came and took Trevor’s car.A third vehicle came.It was animal control.“Why is animal control here?” I asked Detective Towers, feeling panicked about what they would do to Greta.“It’s just routine to test her for rabies.After the investigation you should get her back.”I wasn’t sure if I believed him.I’d heard of cases where a dog was put down after attacking a person.“How can you be sure?”“It seems pretty clear that she was defending you from an attempted murder.I think in this case you’ll be able to keep her,” he said.Feeling somewhat assured, I went upstairs, first putting a sleeping Natalie in her crib, then getting Greta from my room and bringing her downstairs.The man from animal control took her out to his truck and I watched as he put her in the back and drove away.Tears pushed their way into my eyes and I swallowed hard to keep myself from crying.Eventually the crime investigation team finished gathering the evidence and left.Detective Towers and his partner walked out to their car.“We’ll be in touch,” he said as he and his partner got into their car and drove away.Marcus walked with me back into the house [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]