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.Better yet, she should be receiving them, as lady of this house.Any shame or gossip attached to her character had sprung from her association with him.It had been his job to repair it, not offer a weak shield against further insult.To know this now, when it was likely too late, was no consolation at all.“Caro,” he said softly, dropping into a chair at her side.“What brings you here?”He thought of offering her his hand and decided against it.Her brown eyes were bottomless, and there was a firm set to her lips that suggested she did not want to be petted into a better humor.“I have come to put a stop to this foolish duel.”“Have you now?” He hid a smile, for the matter was a serious one.“How do you mean to do that?”“You will cry off,” she said, staring directly into his eyes.“You know I cannot,” he said, as patiently as possible.“It is a matter of honor.Howard was the one to challenge me, and rightly so, for I was in the wrong.I cannot refuse.I have sent Tripp to mediate with his second.Howard will not accept my apologies.We meet tomorrow, at dawn.”In truth, he had sent a brief note of response.It is not I who deserve the apology.If you wish to settle this, you must speak to Miss Sydney.He was doing that now.He hoped she would welcome the only solution he had to offer.At the moment, she seemed more concerned about the other fellow, than anything he had to say to her.She was literally wringing her hands in distress.“Aubrey will not talk to me at all,” she said.There was that troublesome Christian name again.Blackthorne did his best to ignore it.“He doesn’t understand what he was done,” she insisted.“He doesn’t know you as I do.He does not know what you are capable of.” There were tears in her eyes, as though this complete knowledge of his character was a cause for additional distress.“What I am capable of?” He experimented with a laugh, but it sounded false even to him.“You will kill him,” she said, flatly.“Mr.Worthington barely survived the encounter with you, and he was a marksman with nerves of steel.Aubrey has no such skills.The fight is not fair.You must not allow him to goad you.”She was right.Howard would be no opponent at all, with swords or pistols.With the last duel, he’d done more to damage her honor than to defend it.If it happened again, she would not be just a mistress.She would be the sort of notorious beauty that men fought and died for.Every rake in London would hunger for her.“He only meant to help me,” she whispered.“I should never have involved him in this.It is all my fault.”“It is not,” he said.“It was never your fault.” Howard was right.He owed her reparation.If he’d cared as much about her as he claimed, he should not have seduced her in a public place, scant feet from discovery.That was not the action of a man in love.At what point had wickedness stopped being a game? He had thought himself a man of honor.It seemed he was a blackguard, after all.“The blame is mine, alone.I behave like an idiot, when I am around you.And I am most heartily sorry for the wrong I have done.”She waved his apology away with a twitch of her handkerchief.“It does not matter, really.What did we do last night that we have not done a hundred times or more?”“Do not put the blame upon yourself.I should have known better than to take risks in Vauxhall.”“Risks to whom, Vincent? I am sure it is not the most scandalous thing you have done, and my honor has been gone for quite some time.While it is terribly sweet of him to try to fight for me, there is no point in it.”Was that really the way she felt about herself? “But it does matter, Caro.”“I fail to see why.Who saw us, but poor Aubrey?” she said.“If we all agree to forget it, then no one need ever know it happened.”But I would know,” he said.“You deserve better than to be tumbled in the bushes.” He looked at her again, still fresh and lovely, and just as pure and modest as the day he’d met her.There was one thing he could do that would solve all [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]