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.Logan, now resting at the other end of the tub, chuckled, butdidn t add any pertinent information. I don t understand. Clarissa hadn t ever done this, but hadwitnessed the act once.The man in question did mention wanting thewoman to swallow something, but she never understood what thatmeant. When men have an orgasm, a thick liquid called semen spraysout of the end of their cocks.I don t want you to be surprised if I losecontrol. Do you want to come in my mouth?Logan laughed out loud again. Oh, he wants to all right.Derek gave him a dirty look. I would like to, but not if it wouldbother you over much.It isn t something you re required to do. Well, now that I know what to expect, I ll be fine.Thank you.I m ready now.Do you want me to continue? She tucked this newinformation away. Yes.I do.Very much so. Good.I want to please you. She placed her lips around his cockagain and sucked in earnest.Clarissa wanted his orgasm to becomplete.She wanted him to feel as glorious as she did.She couldn tfit the entire length of his cock in her mouth, so she grabbed one handaround the excess outside her lips and squeezed as she sucked. Goddamn, sweetheart, having my dick in your warm tight mouthis almost more than I can take.But don t stop.I adore it.Logan murmured,  I just had the most vivid gut-wrenching climax 44 Elle Saint Jamesa few minutes ago, but I m already getting hard again just watchingyour cock in her mouth.Clarissa, delighted to have discovered a way to give backpleasure, found a comfortable rhythm and sucked on the velvetyhardness of Derek s cock.She knew Logan watched and that also added a further level ofexcitement to her action.It wasn t very long before Derek growled inearnest and his semen spurted a hot, salty path deep into her throat.She swallowed twice before releasing his mammoth cock.Heslumped over the side of the tub with a satisfied smile across his lips.Clarissa made a mental note of how much he d enjoyed her bold act.There were other notes in her mind that she contemplated as well.Shealso looked forward to the time when he used his cock instead of hisfingers in her rear hole. When I can move again, I m going to get another bucket of hotwater to warm up the bath water.Logan stood and stepped gingerly from the tub in all his nudeglory. I ll get it.You try and recover. Why don t you get into the tub with me, Derek? Clarissabrushed her fingertips along his temple. Love to. He splashed his hand in the water a minute and stoodup.His undone pants slid to mid thigh before he shoved them offcompletely onto the floor.Logan returned with a steaming bucket of water and dumped theentire thing into the opposite end of the bath tub from where shekneeled.Warm water rushed around Clarissa s calves as Derek, nowcompletely nude, stepped inside the tub and joined her.He sat downand settled at one end of the tub.Clarissa did the same leaning herback against his chest.His arms wrapped around her just beneath herbreasts. You two enjoy a quiet moment.I m going to go make sure thisremains our private space for another hour. He grabbed a pair of longunderwear hanging on a nail and exited the room. Mail Order Bride For Two 45Logan left them soaking in the tub in quiet replete contemplation.Derek stroked the underside of one breast and asked,  Anyregrets, sweetheart? Do you mean about being with two men? Yes.Tucked up against Derek made Clarissa feel very safe.She took adeep breath and answered,  At first I was very leery of yourproposition, I must admit.But I didn t truly have a choice and now Iknow I ve been very fortunate indeed.You ve both been so kind, andhonestly, I ve done things that I never expected to enjoy. I don t mean to be difficult, but what do you mean when you sayyou didn t truly have a choice? We never wanted you to feelpressured to do something you didn t want.Clarissa turned her head and glanced into his eyes. No.Youdidn t.I just meant that once I discovered that Clyde was unavailableto marry, I was a little desperate.I had no money and no family.Theemployment I left before coming here became intolerable and I knewI couldn t return and expect to find a job.Not after what happened& Clarissa trailed off not wanting to explain the circumstances of herlast employment calamity. Why not? After what happened?Clarissa sighed and wished she hadn t opened her big mouth. I drather not say. Don t you trust me? It isn t that.I do trust you.Both of you. Then what is it? I don t want you to think less of me. Clarissa toyed with the hairon his chest wishing this conversation would change topics. I would never think less of you. You might. Did you kill someone? No! Her quick strident answer came easily. Of course not. Then everything else is up for negotiation of understanding.Try 46 Elle Saint Jamesme, sweetheart.I swear you can confide anything to Logan or me.Let s not start our life out with secrets.Clarissa bit her lower lip.He was right.Harboring secrets was noway to begin a new life.She wanted to believe that she d beeninnocent of what had transpired, but doubts as to her culpabilitynagged at her even now.Derek grabbed the cake of soap and rubbed it between his largecalloused palms very slowly as if to give her time to unburden hersoul. I was caught in a compromising situation by my formeremployer.The soap rubbing stopped.He didn t say anything for severalmoments. I don t mean to make light of your secret, but it couldn thave been too compromising. What makes you say that?His warm gaze slid to hers. Because I took your virginity [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]