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.He d suffer every last ounce of pain in the world rather than turn down herrequest.She lifted her face to his, and her eyes sparked with laughter. And I don t remember how to dance sowe ll probably step on each other s toes and trip each other and end up falling on the ground at some point.You up for the challenge? I am if you are.Hot damn.If it meant holding her in his arms again, he d fumble his way through anything even hisentire leg falling off. I m game. Okay then. Skylar kept one hand in his and moved her other hand to his shoulder.He curved hisfree hand over her hip.The position brought them closer together, their bodies not quite touching, but closeenough he smelled her sweet scent with every breath he took.He tried to stop breathing.It didn t work.To take his mind off the constant desire to rub his face in her hair, to kiss her andsweep her off her feet and carry her back to the bed, he forced himself back on track. Is this musicsparking any memories? The song seems vaguely familiar, like maybe I ve heard it before, but&  She shrugged and peeredup at him.The look in her eyes changed, like she was staring far, far away.The hand on his shouldershifted, soft fingers trailed back and forth along his collarbone.Her brow wrinkled.Was she in pain? Skylar, you okay? Are you remembering something? Your bowtie.It was crooked.I fixed it. She shook her head. No.Not me.Mariah.Not mymemory. A sad smile lifted her lips. Sorry.I guess Mariah s memories are still floating around inside myhead.I got confused for a second.I knew I hadn t seen you in a tux, but I could remember&  She paused. It s so strange having another woman s memories, someone I don t know, someone I ve never met.Iknow things about her, things I shouldn t, but I don t know her.Can you tell me a little bit about her,Dusty? It d be nice to know something about this woman whose memories I share.Damn.This was something that could get him in a world of trouble if he wasn t careful about what hesaid.From prior experience he d learned that women in general don t like to hear a man talk about otherwomen.This wasn t exactly a normal situation though.  She s had a rough life.A few years ago, before she moved to Talisman Bay, she got beat up prettybad, so bad she almost died.It had something to do with her asshole boyfriend at the time, so she didn ttrust men for a long time.Actually, I don t think she trusted anyone except Twyla, her best friend.UntilStephan.But even with all the hell she s been through, she has a good heart.Following the rhythm of the surprisingly decent slow song, he moved them in an easy circle. Do you love her?Well, hell, he sure hadn t expected that question.Before he could say anything, she clarified,  I msorry, I shouldn t be prying.I just have the strangest memory from Mariah, and I don t know if it s real orone Craze put in my head.Did you ask Mariah to marry you?He laughed.He couldn t help himself.He d never expected his impromptu marriage proposal to comeback and haunt him. Yes, I did.Her eyes widened. But Stephan? It wasn t serious.Well, not completely serious.See, Mariah makes a really good cup of coffee.Imean, like nectar-of-the-gods good.After my first sip, I proposed, hoping she d stick around and makecoffee every day.She turned me down, but she still makes coffee every day, so I m not complaining.She arched an eyebrow. You proposed because of a cup of coffee? You do know there are fancyplaces you can go where brewing coffee is their specialty, and you don t even have to propose to thebaristas. Really? He looked at her like she was pulling his leg. Tell me more about these mysterious javapalaces. I ll do you one better.I ll take you to one tomorrow.You can usually find one on every corner. Hey, is that a memory?She scrunched up her nose. I don t think so.It s like how I know the sky s blue and the earth sround, I think it s just common knowledge. She let out a frustrated sigh. You re trying so hard to help meget my memories back and my brain s not cooperating.I m sorry about that.He wanted to erase the tension from her face.Kiss away the worry.But what he wanted and what sheneeded were two very different things. Skylar, there s nothing for you to apologize for.You didn t ask forthis to happen to you.I ll do anything I can to help you, whatever you need.I promise.Seconds passed and she didn t say a word.Her eyes were so wide, so open, so trusting.Had anyoneever looked at him that way before? He didn t think so.Swaying to the gently sensual rhythm, she leaned her head against his chest and circled an arm aroundhis neck.Her cheek was so warm, so soft where it met his bare flesh.Her eyelashes fluttered as she closedher eyes. Thank you, she whispered. Thank you for making me feel okay inside [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]