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. Notice the wavy courses of masonry in the wallencircling the lake, Lucia.The different layers of stone recreate the hieroglyph forwater. You mean that s not just erosion?He clutches the shirt over his heart and rolls his eyes up into his skull. Sacrilege!She laughs as a perfectly temperate breeze wafts across the lake like a sense of well-being, impossible to define.It caresses her even as the sun s warmth penetrates her,which keeps her aware of her body s sensual horizons and how they mysteriouslydefine her perceptions. So, Nefertari, do you remember what this lake was used for? Mark follows hergaze across the water. Doug says it played an important part in purificationceremonies.Personally, I think it was just an excuse to party around the pool.She looks up into his eyes and for a breathless instant glimpses the unfathomableenergy behind his irises as they glimmer like hot blue stars burning through theatmosphere. Will you show me some of your work tonight, Mark? she asks himalmost urgently. Sure.Now rub the scarab for luck.At one end of the sacred lake in the Temple of Karnak sits a large stone statue of ascarab, one of four that originally guarded the primordial waters of Nun, symbolizedby the pool.The beetle s monstrously large body is worn smooth from centuries ofexposure to the elements and to tourists stroking it for luck. The scarab is the symbol of the transforming quality of the sun, Lucia. The lightthat becomes out of the darkness. That s beautiful. Courtesy of Lori s better half, although people tend to consider him her intolerablehalf. Most people are idiots. Yes, but you have to admit that it takes quite an imagination to equate rolling eggsaround in a ball of dung with the sun s passage through the sky. Not really. She rises to the defense of the culture she has loved since childhood, Not when you consider that the sun is surrounded by the universe just as the scarab s23 Maria Isabel Pitaeggs are surrounded by dung and buried in the Nile mud just as life is latent in theblack emptiness of space.It actually makes sense, since life and light sprang out ofdarkness. Okay, I get it, now make a wish and rub the bug.The scarab perches on a pedestal level with her chest.Lucia rests her palms lightlyagainst its round body and says reverently,  This is the One that became Two when itgrew conscious of itself, which then became Three as it created a realm for its ownexperience, the legs emerging from its body the laws of matter and manifestation. Cool.His irreverent response does not annoy her.She knows he is deliberately echoinghis brother in an effort to lighten her mood, yet it is proving difficult to live merely forthe moment s pleasure because she wants it to last and this naturally leads to all sorts ofworrisome thoughts.Making their way back out of the temple, they pass through the Hypostle Hallagain, where rows of massive columns stretch for almost as far as the eye can see, all ofthem carved from top to bottom with hieroglyphs.Originally they were all vividlypainted and the hall was covered so that the sun s rays penetrated the temple only inisolated shafts, which would have made the colorful writing appear to flower across thestone stalks in a shadowy atmosphere evoking the mystery of creation.The roof haslong since vanished however and sunlight now streams down between the columns, onwhich only ghostly traces of color remain. What you re looking at here, Lucia, is a stone papyrus swamp.See how the centralcolumns are taller and have open capitals, while the rest are smaller and look likeclosed buds? They represent different stages of growth.Please also notice how Amon isshown here in his form of Min, meaning with an erect penis and holding the flail ofpower. On this suggestive note Mark drifts away from her, framing shots with hishands.He did not bring his camera with him today, which she considers a compliment [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]