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.I m not a soci-ologist but I ve had the usual elementary courses incollege.It s only an Earth college, of course, Baleyadded with a reluctant modesty designed to ward offthe same comment, in more insulting terms, from theother,  but I can follow mathematics. Mathematics? said Quemot, his voice squeakingthe last syllable. Well, not the stuff they use in robotics, which Iwouldn t follow, but sociological relationships I canhandle.For instance, I m familiar with the TeraminRelationship. The what, sir? Maybe you have a different name for it.The dif-ferential of inconveniences suffered with privilegesgranted: dee eye sub jay taken to the nth  What are you talking about? It was the sharp andperemptory tone of a Spacer that Baley heard and hewas silenced in bewilderment.Surely the relationship between inconveniencessuffered and privileges granted was part of the veryessentials of learning how to handle people withoutan explosion.A private stall in the community bath-room for one person, given for cause, would keep xpersons waiting patiently for the same lightning tostrike them, the value of x varying in known wayswith known variations in environment and human The Naked Sun.qxd 7/7/2003 12:43 PM Page 141THE NAKED SUN141temperament, as quantitatively described in theTeramin Relationship.But then again, in a world where all was privilegeand nothing inconvenience, the Teramin Relationshipmight reduce to triviality.Perhaps he had chosen thewrong example.He tried again. Look, sir, it s one thing to get aqualitative fill-in on the growth of this prejudiceagainst seeing, but it isn t helpful for my purposes.Iwant to know the exact analysis of the prejudice so Ican counteract it effectively.I want to persuade peopleto see me, as you are doing now. Mr.Baley, said Quemot,  you can t treat humanemotions as though they were built about a positronicbrain. I m not saying you can.Robotics is a deductivescience and sociology an inductive one.But mathe-matics can be made to apply in either case.There was silence for a moment.Then Quemotspoke in a voice that trembled. You have admittedyou are not a sociologist. I know.But I was told you were one.The best onthe planet. I am the only one.You might almost say I haveinvented the science. Oh? Baley hesitated over the next question.Itsounded impertinent even to himself. Have youviewed books on the subject? I ve looked at some Auroran books. Have you looked at books from Earth? Earth? Quemot laughed uneasily. It wouldn thave occurred to me to read any of Earth s scientificproductions.No offense intended. The Naked Sun.qxd 7/7/2003 12:43 PM Page 142ISAAC ASIMOV142 Well, I m sorry.I had thought I would be able toget specific data that would make it possible for me tointerview others face to face without having to  Quemot made a queer, grating, inarticulate soundand the large chair in which he sat scraped backward,then went over with a crash.A muffled  My apologies was caught by Baley.Baley had a momentary glimpse of Quemot runningwith an ungainly stride, then he was out the room andgone.Baley s eyebrows lifted.What the devil had he saidthis time? Jehoshaphat! What wrong button had hepushed?Tentatively he rose from his seat, and stoppedhalfway as a robot entered. Master, said the robot,  I have been directed toinform you that the master will view you in a fewmoments. View me, boy? Yes, master.In the meanwhile, you may desirefurther refreshment.Another beaker of the pink liquid was at Baley selbow and this time a dish of some confectionery,warm and fragrant, was added.Baley took his seat again, sampled the liquor cau-tiously and put it down.The confectionery was hard tothe touch and warm, but the crust broke easily in themouth and the inner portion was at once considerablywarmer and softer.He could not identify the compo-nents of the taste and wondered if it might not be aproduct of the native spices or condiments of Solaria.Then he thought of the restricted, yeast-derived The Naked Sun.qxd 7/7/2003 12:43 PM Page 143THE NAKED SUN143dietary of Earth and wondered if there might be a mar-ket for yeast strains designed to imitate the tastes ofOuter World products.But his thoughts broke off sharply as sociologistQuemot appeared out of nowhere and faced him.Faced him this time! He sat in a smaller chair in aroom in which the walls and floor clashed sharply withthose surrounding Baley.And he was smiling now, sothat fine wrinkles in his face deepened and, para-doxically, gave him a more youthful appearance byaccentuating the life in his eyes.He said,  A thousand pardons, Mr.Baley.I thoughtI was enduring personal presence so well, but that wasa delusion.I was quite on edge and your phrase pushedme over it, in a manner of speaking. What phrase was that, sir? You said something about interviewing peopleface to   He shook his head, his tongue dabbingquickly at his lips. I would rather not say it.I thinkyou know what I mean.The phrase conjured up themost striking picture of the two of us breathingbreathing one another s breath. The Solarian shud-dered [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]