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.Dick Cheneycarried "the solution" to the U.S.Government.9/11 provided thenecessary pretext to send in U.S.troops to fight a "war againstterrorism" in Afghanistan.The propaganda mills churned out a litany of "reasons" why U.S.troops had to be rushed to Afghanistan.It seems that the Taliban ledby bin Laden was planning "major terrorist attacks around the worldand on U.S.installations abroad." Not one scrap of real evidence wasproduced to support the contention, but a connived and deceivedAmerican people as ever, accepted it as "gospel." Dr.John Coleman200By 2006 the transparent motives of the Petroleum Industry's waragainst Afghanistan were now clear for all to read.On January 2,2002, the pipeline project took another step forward when U.S.Ambassador to Pakistan, Wendy Chamberlain, acting for StandardOil, kept a longstanding engagement to meet with Pakistan's oilminister, Usman Aminuddin.The bulk of their meeting centered onplans to forge ahead with the north-south pipeline, and U.S.fundingfor the construction of Pakistan's Arabian Sea oil terminals for thepipeline.President Bush has repeatedly said that the U.S.military will remainin Afghanistan.Why should this be when UN forces are supposed tobe taking over so that the U.S.Army can go home? The answer is thatUN forces will serve as a paramilitary police force, so that U.S.soldiers will be freed to guard the construction of the north-southpipeline.Some reports say that they will also guard the opium poppyfields, but I have not seen any confirmation of poppy field duty.Thatduty fell on a British force.The recent appointment by President Bush of Zalmay Khalilzad, anunknown person of Afghan origin, as a member of his NationalSecurity team had many scratching their heads.We believe we canexplain this seemingly unusual appointment.Khalilzad was a formermember of the CentGas project.Khalilzad has recently been namedpresidential Special Envoy for Afghanistan.He is a Pushtun, and theson of a former government official under King Mohammed ZahirShah, and he was there to see that the pipeline project went forward ina timely fashion and to report directly to the President, any and everydelay or hitch that occurred as the plan unfolded.His appointment was supported by Condoleezza Rice who was amember of the board of Chevron, although it has never been madeclear what exactly her role at Chevron was.Along with being aconsultant to the Rand Corporation, Khalizad was a special liaisonbetween Unocol and the Taliban government and he also worked onvarious risk analyses for the project.Now that the Afghanistan sector of the "war on terrorism" isconsidered "settled," although in our understanding of the situation, it We Fight For Oil 201is far from that, and permanent U.S.military bases in Uzbekistan andAfghanistan are in place  to what oil rich country may we expectStandard Oil's scouts to infiltrate in their search for more oil? TheU.S.Government says it has to keep looking for oil, and ideally, (fromthis standpoint) most of those places are in countries which have beenbranded as harboring terrorists: Iraq, Syria, Iran and South America,especially Venezuela and Columbia.Some might say: "Howconvenient."But the imperial oil warriors also began looking in Russia's backyardin Siberia.EXXON, Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and the Frenchcompany Total SA won contracts in the 1990s from what was at thattime the USSR to search for oil and natural gas in the Artic region.Bush the elder's undeclared unconstitutional and therefore criminalwar, the Gulf War of 1991, resulted in Kuwait stealing even more ofthe huge Rumalia oil field of southern Iraq than it did the first timearound.It was done by unilaterally expanding the boundaries of Kuwait afterthe war.The illegal seizure Iraq's property brought a lot of unwelcomeretaliation by Iraq.The "new border" allowed Kuwait, controlled byBP and Standard Oil, to double their prewar oil output.The true andhistorical account of how the British Army created "Kuwait" in 1921came by drawing an arbitrary line through the very middle of theRumalia Oil Fields, and then calling the stolen land "Kuwait."The following is from an article published in the "Oil Analyst:"Iraq, which recently discovered an oil field in its western desert, iswidely regarded as having more oil than Saudi Arabia once itsdeposits are developed.Prior to the 2003 U.S.illegal invasion of Iraq, the country wasproducing 3 million barrels a day, funneling most of it to worldmarkets through a United Nations-monitored program that directed asmall part of the proceeds to food and medicine for the Iraqi people,under the so-called "Oil for Food" program.Iraq was still able toexport some oil to Syria, which it resold as Syrian oil. Dr [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]