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.Harte tore the shift off, panting.He was looking between Ellisand William as if they d planned some elaborate torture for him. Good boy, Ellis said.The words sent a thrill through him, asense of power so strong it was almost overwhelming.He could doanything& but that wasn t really true.Still, he felt like he could.Like Harte was his, an extension of his body, a receptacle for hispleasure.He didn t want to hurt him or use him; more thananything, Ellis wanted to make Harte feel good, lose control.Harte gasped at his words, and Ellis braced for admonitionfrom William.He worried about forgetting his place, but nocastigation came.He d been right William wanted him to do this. Open your legs, Harte, William said.His hand was restingover the crotch of his trousers, but he made no attempt to pleasurehimself.Ellis looked down at the sight before him.There wassomething so innocent and yet so depraved about an angel like475 AT HIS THROAT, A PROMISEHarte positioned like a whore.It made Ellis want to fuck himblind he hoped William had something like that in mind.Running his hands up Harte s calves and thighs, his thumbsjust brushing his balls before moving away, Ellis waited for moreinstruction.As much as he was enjoying taking control of Hartelike this, a part of him wanted William to tell him what to do.Hewas torn between the two desires, and it made him uncertain.William cured him of that when he pressed the jar of lubricantinto Ellis s hand, saying,  Two fingers to start with.Harte whimpered and tossed his head, but his face held no fear.Ellis watched, entranced, as Harte s arms lifted over his own head,his knees drew up to expose himself, and his back arched.Everything about him would have been calculated on any otherslave.It was too sexy, too perfect, too practised except it wasn t.Harte just did what felt good and right, not what he thought theywanted to see.Luckily for Ellis and William, what felt good to Harte wasexactly what they wanted to see.Forcing himself to stop staring at Harte was almost painful.Heslicked two of his fingers more liberally than he normally wouldhave done, knowing that Harte was going to be sore the nextmorning.After steadying himself, Ellis found and circled Harte s holewith his wet fingers.The tiny entrance twitched enticingly andHarte groaned, hips rolling and hands clenching the sheets over hishead.He waited until he saw Harte s lungs fill with air before heplunged his fingers inside.The tight ring protested and Hartejerked and gasped but Ellis pushed until his third knuckles pressedagainst the rim of Harte s hole.476 AT HIS THROAT, A PROMISE Shit, oh, fuck, Harte cursed, obviously straining to stay still.His cheeks and chest were flushed but his cock was hard, a stringof pre-come bridging it and his belly.Ellis bent over and bit Harte s knee, needing to taste him.Hiseyes met William s even as his fingers began to thrust.Lust dancedover William s features, dark and demanding.Taking care to graze over Harte s prostate, Ellis divided hisattention between his master and the boy at his mercy.He feltpowerful and he liked that feeling.He wondered if this was theway it was for William or if this was how Jude, or Harte s firstmaster, or Develyn felt with someone bowing to them. Stop.Harte, undress Ellis and suck his cock.Ellis drew his fingers away, staring in fascination at the wayHarte s body closed up almost immediately.He wanted insidethere.He supposed that was the difference between William andEllis at that moment Ellis s power was borrowed.William s wasingrained.Harte struggled to his knees and began to tug up Ellis s shift,but Ellis grabbed his wrists, waiting for Harte to look at him.Whenhe did, Ellis knew what he wanted was written across his ownfeatures.Harte drew a shaky breath this was something sodifferent, so new, and yet it felt natural.He only wished Williamwas involved in more than a directorial fashion.As much as hewas enjoying having Harte to himself, he still wanted to belong toWilliam.He suspected he always would. Please, Harte begged, just as Ellis wanted. Please, may Iundress you? Call him Sir, William instructed in a voice so low theyalmost didn t hear. Master, Ellis began, ready to protest it wasn t right.477 AT HIS THROAT, A PROMISERanking between slaves bred dissension and mutiny.But Williamwas looking at Harte, whose eyes were wide and lips parted, thepicture of desire and want. Sir, he whispered, as though testing. Sir, please allow me toundress you. Fuck&  Ellis let go of Harte s wrists and was immediatelydivested of his clothing.Hearing Harte say that simple word in hissweet voice changed everything [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]