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.Noverbal conformation was forthcoming.Jasper stiffened, feeling the explosion race through him as hecame.He damn near bit his bottom lip off from biting it to keep quietas he came.He tasted copper from the wound he inflicted on his lipfrom his canines breaking skin.Zeus roared out behind him, pumping into him with lightningspeed.Jasper was being slowly pushed up the desk with Zeus smassive frame slamming into him from behind.His mate was breathing heavy behind him, his sweat dripping ontoJasper s back.He laid his cheek on the desk, wondering if the personhe was would slowly be extinguished.When Zeus began to pull out, Jasper was confused. That s it? Noritual words to bind us? Jasper felt cheated.He had heard his wholelife how Timber wolves claiming their mates was very spiritual, butnone of that occurred just now.Maybe they weren t mates? No, hefelt the pull to be with Zeus.So what gives? It is different between breeds.We Grey wolves only need toconsummate our bond with sex.Why did that sound so clinical? All of the sudden Jasper wantedto get away, needing time to think this through.He pushed up fromthe desk, pulling a paperclip from his cheek and tossing it aside as hewiggled around, telling his mate to get the hell off of him, in a politeway. Is there something wrong? Zeus pulled Jasper up, concernetched on his face. 38 Lynn HagenJasper couldn t do this, not now anyway. I have to go potty. Hethrew out the first flimsy excuse he could think of and pulled fromZeus s arms.Bending over, he grabbed his clothes and quickly dressed. I ll beright back. He made haste to the door, feeling the need to crycreeping up on him fast.As soon as he was clear of the office, Jasperran crying to their bedroom.This couldn t be happening.He was outgoing, outspoken, andloved to have fun and joke around.He was being turned into the crypthe first thought this place to be upon entering it.His love of life felt asthough it were slowly being sucked from him. Hey, what s wrong? Avanti called, but Jasper ignored him,running up the stairs and straight to his room.That was the most detached sex he had ever had.It was like hewasn t even there.Zeus could have been fucking anybody the way hehad acted.His mate had gone through the motions of sex, and thatwas it.Jasper had always needed verbal approval, to be told how he wasmaking his partner feel.He received none of that with Zeus.He closed his bedroom door, throwing himself on the bed as hewept.He wanted to go home.This place was too sterile in emotions. Jasper?Jasper dried his eyes, sitting up as Avanti slowly opened the door. Yes? I just wanted to see if you were okay. The soldier never enteredhis room.He stood in the doorway, his face full of pity.At least that show Jasper saw it, and he didn t like it one bit. I m fine.Please let me be alone.Avanti nodded, reaching out and grabbing the door knob, closingit with a click. I hate this stupid place. Jasper punched the pillowunder his head. I want to go home. Fresh tears fell as Jasper criedhimself to sleep. Jasper 39* * * * Is he okay? Taz asked Avanti when he entered the living room.He was quickly changing his mind about the redhead. I m not sure. Something wasn t right.He could smell Jasper sdespair as he ran up the steps, then again when he went to check onhim.Was Zeus treating his mate badly? He had only been Alpha for ashort while.Avanti and the rest of the soldiers immediately fell inwhen Zeus won the challenge against Jackson s psychotic ass, so hewasn t sure how Zeus would treat a lover.But Jasper was his mate.There shouldn t be any tears. Maybe a day out, exploring the town and what it has to offerwould help him, Taz offered.Avanti sat on the couch, crossing his legs as he thought aboutTaz s suggestion.It might help.He wasn t sure what was going on,but going into town always put him in a good mood. I ll go see ifZeus approves.Avanti found his Alpha sitting behind his desk with his face in hishands.What exactly was going on?  Excuse me.Zeus s head shot up, a look of sadness drowning in his eyes. What? he asked after clearing his throat. I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I took Jasperinto town for a little while.Zeus shrugged, waving his hand dismissively. Go ahead. Zeusturned his back to Avanti, staring at the wall behind him.Avanti left the office.No use trying to pull whatever wasbothering his Alpha out of him.The guy wouldn t budge.He found Taz sitting in the living room. Hey, let s roll.Taz jumped up, following behind Avanti as he went to find Jasper.The guy was still sniffling in his bedroom. Hey, we re going intotown [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]