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.and I.Elizabeth needed new gowns.She grows, you know.But to accept more, and for I do not know how long.would that not be wrong?"Denoriel blinked.He had never given Kat any money, fearing it would make her even more improvidentthan she already was.It must have been Pasgen, thinking that Kat would need a bribe to allow him towalk alone with Elizabeth."Would it be wrong, Lord Denno?" Elizabeth asked, looking from Kat to Denoriel."I really, really do notwant to part with Gerrit, Nyle, Shaylor, and Dickson, and I would almost give up my new gowns to keepLadbroke and Tolliver.If Kat took the money, would it obligate me to you? Would you expect favor inreturn?""And what favor do you think you can extend to me, you repellent child? Almost would give up yournew gowns!" Denoriel was not teasing her this time; she had gotten some appalling manners, and it wastime someone delivered a set-down to her."What a selfish brat you are! And just what would your mendo if they were dismissed? How would they support themselves while they tried to find other positions?They have served you well and faithfully, never complaining when your household was stinted and theirwages came late! I swear, I should turn you over my knee and lesson you.Do you think it would be toomuch favor granted me if you said 'Thank you'?"Mistress Champernowne drew a sharp breath.Elizabeth did not generally take kindly to harsh criticism.She could be corrected, but it was needful to do it tactfully.However, Elizabeth only shook her head, her eyes dark and her thin lips in a straight line."It is notselfishness, Lord Denno.At least, not only selfishness.I admit, I would like some new gowns, for I lovehandsome dress, but I must make a show in my brother's household.He is very young and if his peoplesee me shabby, they will not value me as I may need to be valued." She put out a hand and barelytouched Denoriel's arm."I do thank you."Denoriel laid his hand over hers and sighed, deflated."You are quite right, my lady.I am saddened that,young as you are, you need to think of such matters.""It is sad," Mistress Champernowne said, "but I have explained to her that there will be much morecoming and going of court officers in the prince's household than there has ever been in hers.Yet thosewho come to see the prince may well ask to see Lady Elizabeth, who is the king's daughter.And, indeed,she must consider that some day Edward will be king and must think well of her.She must have thegowns, but perhaps there is somewhere else I can save.I am appalled at needing to take so much fromyou."He waved her objections aside."Do not give it a thought.You need feel no guilt.I am rich.I am alone.Ihave no one else, since Harry does not need my help any longer.And these were my Harry's sworn men,before they were Elizabeth's.""Harry?" Kat asked, looking confused."A friend.He has other sources of income now," Denoriel said with a glance at Elizabeth and thenquickly, to divert Kat's mind from the fact that he had not really answered her question, he added, "Oh,and be sure that the prince's people do not try to sell off Elizabeth's horses or appropriate them forthemselves and have her share the prince's.Her horses were specially chosen by Ladbroke.They arethe best.""We must make some concessions or Sir William will become suspicious.He might suggest that if we can manage on so much less, our separate stipend should be reduced." Kat looked worried, for the king'sclerks were always seeking ways of diminishing the drains on his purse."Fine," Elizabeth said."Agree to share servants, like cooks and cleaners.You can even offer to give upthat fool groom of the chamber and the footmen.Only Dunstan must be kept, and he will not mind if yougive him a lesser title.""True enough," Kat sighed."I do not know what I would do without Dunstan."So the agreements were made with Sir William, but May passed and June also without any order toElizabeth to move.Finally on July first Henry and Catherine left for the north.To save time they no longerplanned a stop at Hertford.Nonetheless Elizabeth and Edward joined households shortly thereafter.Edward was thrilled to have a sister who gave him all of her attention and treated him with great respect.Elizabeth was as happy as she could be.She now had a living doll and a very clever one, too that shecould hug, fuss over, and encourage.She did not mother him the way that Mary had tried to mother her;perhaps because a great deal of Mary's "mothering" consisted of "no" to this and "no" to that, and "oh,my dear sister, you must not!" She happily oversaw his earliest lessons in recognizing letters and helpedhis baby hand steady his first pen to form the great E, the first letter of his name.She adored courtformalities and behaved with a gravitas fitting a dame of forty when court officers or ambassadors cameto meet her.And she rode out with her own four guardsmen and two grooms for exercise, returning withglowing eyes and rosy cheeks, at least twice a week.Through Sir Thomas Wriothesley, Pasgen had almost daily news of the king's progress.Henry andCatherine made their way to York, where they were supposed to meet with King James of Scotland.That hope was doomed to disappointment, but otherwise the progress was very successful for Henry.Ashe passed through Ampthill into Lincolnshire and rode through that part of the country where thePilgrimage of Grace had taken fastest hold, repentant subjects rushed to demonstrate their loyalty andmade their submission on their knees.The clergy, too, came with professions of fervent loyalty and richpresents.Other pleasant news buoyed the king's spirits.The fortifications at Hull were satisfactory, and at Pomfretat the end of August, he heard from his emissary to Edinburgh that King James was agreeable to meethim.Safe-conducts were prepared for those who would attend the Scottish king and Henry proceededto York, arriving about mid-September.In York, however, the king met with disappointment.James had not yet arrived nor sent any messagegiving a date for his arrival [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]