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.For once, Davy was too carried away to refuse, and Willfelt a brief twinge of pain as his body stretched toaccommodate.But it wasn t bad, it was only fair, and hewas never likely to find anyone else he could trust thismuch.Anyone he could want this much.Love this much.And it was amazing, to feel Davy s heat inside himlike this, to feel the frantic shuddering as he thrust andsobbed and thrust again, and suddenly the heat wasspreading through him too, coalescing and exploding as124 Lee Rowanthey strained against each other and then Davy collapsedbonelessly against him, breathing in great heaving gasps. Sorry Will, I m sorry, are you all right? Why everdid you ?Will gathered Davy close, holding him still. I m fine,Davy. He put a hand on Davy s rear to keep him thereinside, marveling at the sensations within his body. Iwanted I wanted to give you that.Only you.No one else,ever. I didn t think I could  But why not? You re freer now than you have everbeen.Why not throw off that chain as well? Didn t want to hurt you. You didn t.I m fine.And.honoured that you gaveyourself to me that way. And thrilled to know that Davidwas healed at last of all the damage Correy and Adrian haddone.Healed, finally, in body and in soul.Healed, whole,and ready to move on to a new life, perhaps a new love, areal marriage.Davy made no reply, only burrowed his face into thehollow of Will s shoulder, holding tightly.And thecowardly part of Will, the part that could not stand to letgo of this love, began to create other possibilities.Hestroked Davy s hair with his other hand, hating the oddcoarseness the dye imparted to that golden silk. Davy,I ve been thinking Davy groaned. How can you do that while you re He rubbed his face against Will s neck. Please don tmake me think, Will.Give me a moment.His full weight relaxed across Will; after a minute orso he began to snore softly.But Will felt inexplicablyalert, as ideas began to multiply. Davy.Davy, listen. Mmmm? What if I were to resign my commission? We couldwork for your cousin, here, or perhaps for Sir Percy.Wemight hire a little boat, buy it eventually, become traders.Or we might sign on some larger vessel, go to Canada, or125 Winds of Changeeven America.We could work a ship on the Great Lakes.That would be safer for you.No one would know youthere. Don t be ridiculous. Davy slid off to one side andsnuggled down, practically into his armpit. You smell sodamned good. He nuzzled along the curve of Will s chest,found a nipple. Davy, I m Davy, stop that! I m serious.He sighed and shifted up to lean on one elbow, hishand still on Will, stroking, touching. As I am.Will, youcould never just walk away. After that farce they put us through? He had never inall his life been so furious, not only with Dowling, butwith the fools who would let a murderous traitor put abullet into the man he loved, all for their game ofespionage. They wanted information. Davy spoke dismissively,as though that whole debacle had not cost him his career,and nearly his life. Think of the men who will be savedbecause we stopped him, Will.How many men wouldhave been sent into ambush, like that last attack onValiant, if we had done nothing? The butcher s bill was high enough  Yes.But not as high as it might have been.Instead ofthe dead, think how many will live because of what we vedone.And think of the men who will go on living with youas their commander.They must count for something.He was thinking of them.Always.And that was partof what suddenly made resignation so alluring. It s war,Davy.I can t save them all. Of course not.But you will not waste livesneedlessly, as so many captains do.And think of CaptainSmith.What would he say if you were to throw awayeverything you ve worked for all these years? He scounting on you, Will.He needs you, too.So doesEngland.The Navy needs a few men of sense, with all thebloody idiots it s saddled with.You can t want the Frogs126 Lee Rowanto win.That whole country s gone mad can you imaginethe bloodbath, if Bonaparte s empire swallowed theworld? One commander, more or less, makes no greatdifference. Would you say that about Captain Smith, Will? OrCollingwood, or Pellew? You are not just any commander.The Navy is full of good men who are nothing special asleaders.Those are the ordinary sort of commanders.Youhave a talent like Captain Smith s [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]