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.Thomas gave his temple a kiss. This Lion shifter does ifhe gets to share said bed with a certain sexy Raven. Okay, since you put it that way.They went back into the bedroom and Thomas helpedChance get dressed, then into bed.Tucking him in, Thomashanded him the remote. Find something you like and I ll beright back with some breakfast. Just make sure you don t let Xavier cook it.He loves toover-salt everything.Not even a deer would lick some of hisfood.Thomas laughed. I ll make it myself.Once Thomas left, Chance turned on a documentary he drecorded weeks ago, but never got a chance to watch.Hewas halfway through it by the time Thomas came back in.He had a tray in his hands that had enough food on it to feedthe entire coalition twice over.He sat it down on Chance slap. Jacyn said he d be here in a few minutes, Thomasannounced. Was he pissed about having to come here instead of theinfirmary? Chance s stomach rumbled as the aroma offreshly cooked eggs and sausages hit him. No, he assured me it wasn t a problem at all. Thomasheld a forkful of eggs up to Chance s lips. Here, now eat. I can feed myself, Chance protested, feeling a bitfoolish. It s your day to be pampered, remember?Chance made a big show of rolling his eyes, but he partedhis lips and let Thomas put the bite into his mouth.As thewonderful flavor exploded over his taste buds, Chancemoaned in appreciation.66 Chance s Vindication I never knew you were such a great cook. My mother taught me.After she died, I kept up thetradition of making her special recipes.It s my way ofremembering her.Chance s heart sank at the pain in Thomas s voice.Heknew better than anybody what it felt like to lose one sparents. My own mother was a terrible cook. Really? Yeah. Chance gave a sad smile. I would give anythingto eat her dried out roast and overcooked carrots though. She would be proud of how you took care of Dulla andXavier.The familiar pangs of regret hit him.Chance lookeddown, too ashamed to meet Thomas s gaze. I don t thinkso.I ve had to do some things she wouldn t have approvedof. You did what you had to in order to make sure thatwhat was left of your family could survive.Chance shook his head. I lowered myself for just a fewbucks.You have no idea of some of the things I ve done. If you re talking about how you had to hustle, then yeah,I do.I ve always known.Letting out a gasp, Chance whipped his head up to lookat Thomas. How? When Shane tracked down your location, some of hiscontacts told him about how you had to first work for someRaven criminals, then when they turned against you, thatyou were forced to work the streets. And you don t think any less of me for that? Chanceasked in a small voice.Thomas reached out and gently cupped Chance suninjured cheek. No, it just shows me how caring you are.Iknow you did it for Dulla and Xavier. Please don t tell them.It would kill Xavier if he knew67 Stephani Hechtwhat I did to support him.He has that whole martyr thinggoing. I think that runs in your family.Chance allowed himself a small grin. You may have apoint there.They fell into a comfortable silence as Thomas continuedto feed Chance.After several moments, Chance finally heldhis hand up. I can t eat another bite. Are you sure? You didn t eat half of what I made you,Thomas pressed. I don t eat as much as a Lion shifter.I promise, I mstuffed.Thomas reluctantly set the tray to the side right beforethere was a knock on the door.Jacyn poked his head in, abright smile on his face, despite the relatively early hour. How are you doing? Jacyn asked as he came all the wayinto the room.He wore dark scrubs and had a large duffle style medicalbag slung over his shoulder.He dropped it on the bed andopened it up, taking out various pieces of medicalequipment. Thomas wanted me to have the scratches on my sidelooked at, Chance said, lifting up his shirt.Jacyn wrinkled his nose and let out a low hiss ofdispleasure. Wow, it looks like you have a nasty infectiongoing on there. How can that be? I thought only humans get that,Chance asked. Usually that s true, but there ve been a few cases ofRaven scratches getting infections. Dirty, gross, little bastards, Chance muttered.Jacyn cocked a brow. And you know this from watchingthem or something?Chance shrugged. I don t remember much from when I68 Chance s Vindicationstill lived with them, but I do recall some of their moredisgusting rituals.One of them was that they liked to lettheir food ripen before eating it.They also liked to rollaround and play with their kills. No offense, but that s just sick, Jacyn breathed. Don t worry, none taken.I m just glad my parentsweren t like that and they took us away before we saw toomuch.Chance realized just how much he had to be thankful for.If not for his mother and father daring to be different, hecould have ended up like those creeps from the previousnight.He shuddered at the thought.Crap, he didn t evenlook good in black leather and he could have been stuckwearing it all the time.Jacyn took a culture from the scratch marks beforeapplying a fresh bandage.He then pulled a tiny IV bag fromhis kit and gave Chance a sympathetic look. I hate to be ameanie, but I m going to have to poke you.Chance recoiled. With a needle? I would use a cattle prod, but that s frowned upon, evenin shifter medical circles. Why do you have to put a needle in me? Because IV antibiotics will be the easiest and quickestway to knock out this infection.I promise, I ll use the littlestneedle possible.Chance gulped as he eyed up the IV like it was a snake. Ireally, really hate needles.Jacyn sighed. Okay, then just shift and the wounds willheal on their own. No, not happening. Then you re stuck with a needle [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]