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.The technical service general officers were immediately eliminated fromconsideration.The Surgeon General and his subordinates were obviously out ofthe running, and so were the general officers who had spent their careers inthe FinanceCorps, the Signal Corps, the Ordnance Corps and the QuartermasterCorps.The Corps of Engineers made a halfhearted attempt to let it be knownthat it would not stagger the imagination to have an engineer general commandRucker, especially in view of the massive construction projects underway inAlabama.The Transportation Corps made a serious attempt to gain the slot, coming upwith a skillfully written staff study attempting to prove that aviation wasreally nothing more than n assemblage of flying trucks and jeeps.If the armyof the1960s, it argued, was indeed to be air mobile, then the bulk of the "aerialvehicles" would be flying trucks, as the vehicles of the present army werepredominantly wheeled ones.As vehicles of transportation, the Transportation Corps argued, it was simplylogical to place the training of their crew and maintenance personnel underthe Transportation Corps which already had responsibility for wheeled vehiclesand the serving personnel.They had an in-place, tested system,Transportation Corps argued, that with obviously simple modifications couldand should be adapted for army aviation.Finally, they argued, there was noplace in the army better able to accept the thousands of warrant officerpilots than TC.When, for one reason or another, the warrant officer pilotscould no longer fly, work would have to be found for them.Those whoPage 194 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlnot be absorbed in aviation-type functions could be emyed in other TC rail,road and water operations.The arguments advanced were logical, but the proposed TC lacked one essentialingredient.The Transportation was a technical service, not a combat arm.While theTC officer, here and there, might have had to send out a k convoy somewhere orother where it might come under no TC officer had ever had to look hislieutenants in the and announce to them they were expected to lead their menthe next hill; or set the fuses to zero and fire point-blank; push disabledtracks to the side of the road and keep moving.There are three official combat arms%7ńinfantry, artillery, armor%7ńand a fourth,unofficial, but equally powerful politically, made up of officers of the threecombat arms trained the technique and philosophy of vertical envelopment, theAirborne had always wanted aviation, and felt that it was for it to absorb it.Aviation was really nothing more me evolutionary development of verticalenvelopment.helicopter, so to speak, was nothing more than an improved vastlymore efficient means for delivering the guy with the safely behind enemylines.infantry, although there were very few infantry generals hn had not gonethrough the three-week jump school at Ben- and who in consequence did not wearparachutist's wings, by and large reached the consensus that airborne was soelitist bullshit.ear argument ran that it made very little sense to spend itdeal of time and money training people as parachutists to lose somewhere inthe neighborhood of twenty-five percent of them in parachute accidents beforethey fired a shot in combat These accidents ranged from broken ankles, legs,backs to electrocution and incineration on high tension lines.This sin wasmultiplied when airborne tried to insist that airborne privates have ArmyGeneral ClassificationTest scores of 100, only ten points below the AGCT required to send a man toOCS.The function of an army, those disenchanted with airborne said, was not to dieyourself but to kill the enemy.Artillery's claim on the empty commanding general's office at Camp Rucker wasby right of lineage.Army aviation entered the army as Piper Clubs flyingduring War II as artillery spotters.It was theirs, they argued, and there wasa corps of company and field-grade officers coming up who had spent theircareers in aviation.It was pointed out by the Signal Corps, however, that ation, period, hadenteled the army, period, via the SigniCorps.The first aviator's "wings" had been a representatio of the Bald Eagleclutching signal flags in his claws.was no reason the Signal Corps should notsend one of generals to command Rucker [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]