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."Stop that." He shook his head, playfully scolding the canine.Murphy glanced at them once more before heading farther away from the house, presumably to find the right spot to complete her business.Leading the way into the house, Summer took the used blanket, tossing it in the laundry basket, before heading to the kitchen."Any preferences for supper?"He trailed along behind her."Not really.What did you want to fix?"She glanced through the cupboards then headed to the fridge, jerking the door open to survey the contents."I can make breakfast or a sandwich.That would be the quickest.Spaghetti is also possible."Night grinned."I happen to be a great breakfast cook."She flashed a smile his direction."I vaguely recall marvelous pancakes." Reaching in, she pulled out eggs, milk, butter, and pancake mix.Setting the items on the table, she nudged the door shut with her foot."I'll fix hard boiled eggs if you work on pancakes.But you have to tell me your secret ingredient.""Hmm.I don't know.It is a well protected family secret, after all," he teased, digging through a drawer for a large spoon.Summer handed him a glass bowl and a measuring cup.Pouting dramatically, she bumped her hip slightly against his."You won't share with little old me?" After his earlier melancholy, she longed to see those deep blue eyes twinkle with merriment.Grabbing the eggs, she gently rested three eggs at the bottom of the pan then filled it halfway full with water.Setting it on a back burner, she switched it on high and waited for them to boil."The pancakes? Sure." His lips twitched.She rolled her eyes."No, silly.The secret recipe."He poured mix into the bowl with the other ingredients before stirring them all together."Ah.What secret recipe?"She snorted."Be like that.That's okay.Just when you least expect it, I will kiss you senseless until you tell me."The left dimple in his cheek popped."Kiss me senseless, huh?""Oh, yeah." She lifted her head in challenge."I would tickle you, but I'm sure you're not ticklish.So, I'm left with kissing you until you beg for mercy." She tried and failed to hold back a mischievous grin.Flicking the switch on the stove, he set a skillet over the burner, pouring mix into small circles.That chore finished, he rounded on her, tugging her flush against his body."Can I return the favor?" His tone dropped, carrying a sultry pitch."Well…" She wrapped her arms around his neck, standing up on tiptoe to mesh her lips with his.After only a swift kiss of promise, she pulled back."I suppose we could flip a coin to see who gets to kiss whom first."He chuckled, patted her rear, then returned to the stove, using a spatula to check the bottom side of the pancakes."I thought we were playing strip poker."Her belly flopped in a slow, delightful somersault at those words.More than once her mind traveled down the imaginary path of naughtiness, with Night being the center of her erotic imaginings.Heat blasted across her face recalling some of the more adventurous scenes and her wild inhibitions.His dimple returned along with a smile big enough to show straight front teeth."So you have been thinking about playing."Her face heated all the more.How embarrassing."I plead the fifth."Night laughed, his eyes twinkling with sensual amusement.Flipping the pancakes with precision, he gathered up a plate to sit nearby."I take that for a yes.""No comment." She stuck her burning face back into the cool fridge, lingering a bit longer than necessary in order to snag the juice from the main shelf.Placing it on the table, she picked glasses from the cabinet, setting them on the table's placemats.The pancake syrup soon followed."Uh, huh." He scooped up the pancakes and clicked the stove off.With platter in hand, he plopped down in the nearest chair.A whining at the door caught Summer's attention.Quickly, she headed over, opening the door to allow Murphy back in."I hope you didn't roll in anything icky." She gave the animal a once over, satisfied when no foul odors or stains marred the stark white coat.The dog walked straight to the living room rug and flopped down.Returning to the kitchen, she turned the heat off the eggs and poured out the water.She pulled a hot pad out of a drawer and placed the pan on it, in easy reach when they were ready to peel the shell off the eggs.Summer sat down in her allotted seat, filling her glass with juice.Night forked half the small pancakes to his plate before shoving the rest off the platter and into her empty plate."That's too many." She spied the tall stack and sighed."You need to eat.Can't have you passing out from malnutrition before you get a chance to strip for me and kiss me until I beg."She blinked."I think you twisted that a bit.I didn't say I would strip.I said we could play strip poker and you promised to give me a head start.""Well, damn.I liked the idea of you stripping better.""Uh, huh." She slapped butter and syrup on her plate then cut her dinner into bite-sized portions."You can always strip for me, though." She tossed out the bone, not surprised he would chomp down on it.He took a long drink of milk."Anytime, baby [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]