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.”They're still going to be there.Even if they weren't, there's a whole city on the site now, nearly thirty thousand people."It's hard to imagine The words appeared on the monitor, close beside his eyes.Plett's House was just a little place, though the crypts went back into the cliff, and all ways upunder the glacier.But the part that was outside was just a big stone house, set in the mostbeautiful garden I've ever seen.I grew up without gardens--you don't have them, on the sea"Nor in the desert."I remember it was quiet, like few places I'd been or seen.Maybe night on the ark, aftereveryone was inside, and the stars come clear down to the edge of the world.But sweeter,because even when it's sleeping, you never can trust the sea "Master Luke?"Luke sat up, aware that his back ached and his hands were trembling with fatigue.Threepio came in,yellow eyes twin moons in the almost-dark of the single glowrod's light.The smell of coffee floatedaround him like an exquisite sunset cloud."I do hope you'll find this acceptable." The golden droid set down the plast cafeteria tray and beganremoving dish covers.The nearest working mess room of which Callista had been aware had been theDeck 7 Officers' Lounge, and Threepio had volunteered to make the trek while Luke dismantled thetracker the Jawas had traded to him."Selection was rather limited, and those items for which you expressed preference were not to befound.I chose alternates with the same proportion of protein to carbohydrate, and more or less the sametexture.""No--uh--this is great." Ordinarily Luke wouldn't have touched gukked egg, but he'd been so longwithout food that anything sounded good.”Thank you, Threepio.Did you have any trouble?""Very little, sir.I did encounter a group of Jawas, but the Talz chased them away.The Talz think veryhighly of your efforts to feed and care for the tripods, sir.""Are they down here, too?" The gukked eggs were absolutely horrible but Luke ate both of them andwas a little surprised at how much better he felt."Oh, yes, sir.Both Talz and tripods.The Talz wish me to convey their goodwill to you and ask if theycan be of service."Luke wondered momentarily if a Talz would be any more reliable at selecting edible food for humanconsumption than a droid, then dismissed the thought.By the time he needed another meal he'd be longout of here.Good job there are two transportsremarked Callista, when Luke returned to work.You couldn't take the Klaggs and the Gakfedds off on the same vessel "And which one ofthem gets to ride with the Sand People?"Lander "They'll never go in it," said Luke."They hate small enclosed spaces."I wondered why they keep knocking holes in walls.You'll be lucky if they don't sever the mainpower trunk to the magnetic field "Another reason to hurry," said Luke grimly."This whole ship mustbe driving them crazy.Not that they were ever real good company to begin with."You sound like you've studied them Luke laughed."You could say they were my next-doorneighbors growing up.Them and the Jawas.Everybody who lives on Tatooine has to learn enough aboutthe Sand People to stay out of their way."He leaned back and flicked the remote.A harsh, guttural voice boomed, "Very well, men, fan out andremain quiet.We are going to massacre those smelly Klagg Rebel saboteurs."Luke sighed, and shook his head."Threepio? Little change in the script here."My, what a grammatical stormtroopercommented Callista, where the protocol droid couldn't see.Luke grinned as he hooked up the cable.”Edit that to, "Okay, men, fan out and keep quiet.We'regonna kill them stinkin' Klagg Rebel saboteurs.""You forgot to say "sir" Luke started to make the gesture of elbowing her in the arm, as he didwhen Leia made a smartmouth remark, but stopped.He couldn't.Her arms were dust and bone on the gun deck floor.Yet she had no more question than he did himself that somehow, all the Eye's captives--Sand Peopleand Gamorreans as well as the Talz, the Jawas, the Affytechans and Kitonaks and the baffled, helplesstripods--had to somehow be taken to safety.It wasn't their fault, or their wanting, that they were here, hethought, angling the mirror to affix the voder's fasteners once again.Savage, violent, destructive as theywere, like himself they were captives.He moved the mirror, seeking the fasteners, and for a moment saw in it his own reflection, and a sliverof the room behind him: Threepio like a grimed and dented golden statue in the feeble glare of theworklight, compulsively tidying up the abandoned tray.And close beside him, visible clearly over his shoulder, the pale oval face within its dark cloud of hair,the gray eyes from which sorrow had faded a little, replaced by caring, by interest, by renewed life.Luke's heart turned over within his ribs, and knowledge fell on him--knowledge, horror, and grief likeinevitable night.Chapter 15"She might have had other reasons for lying.""Like what?" Leia folded her legs up tailor fashion on the bed and sipped the glass of podon cider she'dpicked up on her way through the kitchen.The craftsmen Jevax had promised had made theirappearance while Leia was out.The metal shutters, armed with a formidable new lock, were nearly outof sight in their wall sockets on either side of the tall windows, and a new bedroom door was folded intoit’s proper slot.Even the cupboard had been fixed.Sitting on the other end of the bed, Han waschecking both blasters."Like she might be working at Madame Lota's House of Flowers down on Spaceport Row."Leia wondered why it hadn't crossed her mind before."Dressed like that?"He gave her his crooked grin."I suppose you're dressed for your job?"She brushed a dismissive hand over the plain dark linen of her shirt, the knockabout cotton fatiguepants, and high-laced boots."She wouldn't have been on the path by the MuniCenter last night if shewere working the bars." The pile of hardcopy Artoo had made for them that first day strewed the bedbetween them.Nowhere was Roganda Ismaren listed on any employer record of any packing plant inPlawal."And if she'd followed me there from the marketplace, for instance, she wouldn't have been dressedlike that at that hour [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]