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.About a week later another letter arrives, this one states that my presence is now requested atthe US Navel Academy to have my physical taken for admittance into the US Navel Academy.This datealso comes and goes.That was the last incident involving the academies however since my academicrecord and my SAT scores were not even close to academy standards the whole incident is verysuspicions.Dr.Purrizzo comes to my house, rings the bell and tells me he wants to speak with me out on the street.He proceeds to tell me that he has "made a great mistake".After rechecking my DNA pattern against thecorrect hereditary background it turns out that I am the one with the superior DNA code.In fact, he sayswe used your code to determine dominance of some unknown markers.He knows of my situation withPenn State and tries to give me $4,600.The money was for college for me.I tell him I don't want hismoney (I also knew that if I had accepted that money as "payment" for damages done that I could not suehim latter, I think that this was his plan and that's why he had gotten so mad when I would not accept it).After my final episode with Mrs.Purrizzo and the woman with the black hair they have a wad of cash forme."Andy take it!.You've more that earned it" she says.I tell her I don't want her dirty money and Ihope she chokes on it.A few days after that Dr.Purrizzo shows up again at my house, tells me to walk with him to the streetfile:///D|/My Documents/Avidya/Mind Control/Project Superman/PROJECT SUPERMAN.htm (15 of 99) [8/28/2000 03:16:14] PROJECT SUPERMANagain.He tells me that "he has been discussing it with this psychologist friend and that my mindfunctions in such a way in the subconscious THAT HE CAN MAKE ME THE MOST POWERFULLMAN IN THE WORLD".He then tell me to get into his car and he wants to take me to his office to dothis for me.I say "REALLY?.OK.I'll go, but only if my mother comes with me.Can my mother comewith me?" He says that this is just between "us men".I tell him to go f*ck himself and start walkingtowards my house.He starts talking "Your a very smart kid! you had a 50/50 chance! we were going toget drunk and then decide whether to make you the most powerful man in the world or give you alobotomy." I stop and turn to him and say "do you really thing I'm going to believe you when you tell methat YOU are going to make ME the most powerful man in the world? you might do this but ONLY ifyou could control me, if you could not control me then you would have to destroy me! Do you think I amthat stupid? Now get the fuck out of here before I call the cops!." He then says "as I said you are onesmart kid".He gets in his car and drives away.The school year is now winding down and I still have not made my final decision as to what school I amgoing to attend.From out of the blue at the end of the school year a coach from the University ofRochester shows up and wants me to attend.My father and I sit down to discuss that school I am going to attend.We are at a Chinese restaurant onroute 17 north in Ramsey.My father sits me down and he starts talking.He said, "Andy, I have nothingagainst Penn State, it's a fine school.However, why are you going to college? To get an education or toplay football?" I said "to get an education".He said "Good, now what are the odds of you becoming a profootball player?" I said "slim to none".He said "Good, so since you are going to school to get aneducation and not to play football don't you think you should go to the best school you can possiblygetinto?" I said "Dad, I WANT TO GO TO PENN STATE".Then he said "I'm going to be the onepaying for your school, IF YOU DON'T GO TO THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER I WILL NOTPAY ONE THIN DIME FOR YOUR SCHOOL AND I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN, DOYOU HEAR ME! Now Rochester is a much better school and I'm sure you will be much happier there,I'm going to pay for it and that's that".So, I end up turning down a division 1 scholarship to attend a division 3 school and end up paying$18,000 dollars a year to attend the University of Rochester.For the longest time I absolutely hated myfather for making me go to the University of Rochester.I suppose I could have come up with the $3,000dollars on my own, but it was the fact that he said that "he would never speak to me again" if I didn't dowhat he wanted was what really pissed me off.And then on top of all this then he springs on me that Iwill have to take out a student loan in my name to help pay for going to school at Rochester.I rememberthis as clear as day, because after that I remember I swore that I would never let anyone tell me what todo with my life again.The strange thing is that's not how he remembers it at all.He denies ever sayingthat to me, but I remember specifically because I was heart broken that I wasn't going to go to Penn State.The strange thing is I remember my father, at about the same time, making a joke that he had been out ofthe Navy for 15 years and for some reason they wanted him to come in to give him a physical.He doesn'tremember that either.Aug 1988- Football camp starts at the University of Rochester.Things seem to go well.Let's just say thatI am VERY focused on performing well on the football field.I had trained very hard all summer and Iwas in the best shape of my life.I do extremely well during the training camp.I'm sure not bycoincidence, I get my freshman year roommate, we will call him Brian.Brian is also a freshman and is anfile:///D|/My Documents/Avidya/Mind Control/Project Superman/PROJECT SUPERMAN.htm (16 of 99) [8/28/2000 03:16:14] PROJECT SUPERMANoffensive and defensive lineman.He is 6-1 and 245lbs.He is huge, I mean I thought I was muscular untilI saw this guy [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]