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.At first there had been a numbing terror.Then.nothing.He'd blacked out.Now? Peace.Great peace.His life was over.It had been a good life, all told.Not that there weren't a few things he regretted.Difficult to avoid all therough spots.But overall, hc'd enjoyed living.And he was grateful for thecastle.Yes, especially for the castle.The privilege of living inPerilous I'm just a few years had been enough to make it all worthwhile.Marvelous place, even though it killed him in the end.Another thought came tohim: he'd been falling for an awfully long time.A bit too long, really.Maybehe was already dead.He opened his eyes.Sky above.He rolled his head.There was the ground, andhe was surely heading toward it.But there was something wrong.His sense oftime was distorted.Was it true, the old saw about your entire life flashing in front of youreyes? Well, he was indeed feeling a bit retrospective.Maybe when you die thiscompressed time thing happens, and it takes forever to actually kick the oldbucket.Good thing dying wasn't all that unpleasant.He was falling.He could feel and hear the air rush past.But he wasn'tfalling very fast.What was the formula? Feet per second squared times thegravitational constant g.something like that.He should be plummeting, really dropping.But he wasn't.This was ratherpeculiar.He craned his neck to look at the ground again.Yup.Still getting closer, butnot as fast as the last time he'd looked.This was damned peculiar.Was hegoing to die or wasn't he? Here he had gotten used to the idea, had evenarrived at the point where he was thinking, well, maybe it isn't such a badthing after all; in fact, maybe it's the old proverbial consummation devoutlyto be wished-and now it seemed there was some doubt about the whole business.Hmph.Well, that didn't wash with him.If you fall off a high parapet, you'redamned well supposed to die, and that's all there is to it.Slowly, he tumbled over until he was dropping face forward, like a skydiver infree fall.Except that he was doing blessed little diving.This was more like floating,for pete's sake.Floating? What the blue blazes was going on here?Out of the air, a familiar voice came to him.Hello, there! This is your lucky day.You've managed to trip one of thecastle's safety spells.This one is designed to catch people who have beenheroic, clumsy, or just plain dumb enough to fall out of a window or off abattlement.Only you know which case applies! Whichever it is, though, you'requite safe.The levitation spell will lower you safely to the ground.No needto worry.If you've been heroic, you have my thanks.If not.do try to bemore careful in the future.The voice was Incarnadine's."Well, I'll be damned," Dalton said.After a superhuman effort, Thaxton managed to pull himself up.He spilled over onto the walkway and lay on his back, not really caring thatlions might devour him at any moment.He feIt sick with grief, wanting to diehimself.He almost would have preferred to fall than watch Dalton do it.Page 73 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlThe funny business above the castle was still going on, though he couldn'tquite make out the strange smirking face.Bright things flapped in the airabove the parapets, among rainbows of unnatural color.Presently, he thought he might get up.He raised himself a sitting positionand looked about him.No lions.Well.He got to his feet, an act that took slightly more strength than heseemed to possess.He went to the parapet and looked over the edge.It was a frightfully long way down.He couldn't see a thing, and he didn'treally want to.There was no chance that Dalton had survived, and he had noneed to see evidence confirming the fact.He'd best get back downstairs.It would devolve to him to apprise everybody ofthe grim event.Nasty business.Nasty, nasty business.He headed back to the tower.Like Buck Rogers with his antigravity belt (he still remembered those oldserials!), Dalton settled gently to earth, feet first.He felt a little wobbly, but otherwise fine.He stood in the middle of ahigh-walled courtyard.An arched gateway lay his right, and he walked to it.He entered another courtyard.He crossed it, going through another gate [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]