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.I placed the hood in the saddlepack, admiring her, not only her beauty but even more that she did not.seemfrightened.Surely there was enough to frighten any girl-the height at whichshe found herself, the savage mount on which she rode, the prospect of theterrible fate that she believed to await her at our journey's end.But shewas, of course, a girl of mountainous Thentis, famed for its fierce taroflocks.Such a girl would not frighten easily.She didn't turn to look at me, but she examined her wrists, rubbing themgently.The marks of the original restraining straps, which I had removed,were just visible."You unbound me," she said."And you removed my hood-why?""I thought you would be more comfortable," I replied."You treat a slave with unexpected consideration," she said."Thank you.""You're not-frightened?" I asked, stumbling on the words, feeling stupid."Imean-about the tarn.file:///F|/rah/John%20Norman/Tarnsman%20of%20Gor.txt (27 of 98) [1/20/033:36:22 AM]file:///F|/rah/John%20Norman/Tarnsman%20of%20Gor.txtYou must have ridden taros before.I was frightened my first time."The girl looked back at me, puzzled."Women are seldom permitted to ride onthe backs of tarns,"she said."In the carrying baskets, but not as a warrior rides." She paused,and the wind whistled past, a steady sound mingling with the rhythmical strokeof the tarn's beating wings."You said you were frightened-when you first rodea taro," she said."I was," I laughed, recalling the excitement and the sense of danger."Why do you tell a slave that you were frightened?" she asked."I don't know," I replied."But I was"She turned her head away again and looked, unseeing, at the head of the greattarn as he plowed the wind."I did ride once before on the back of a tarn," she said bitterly, "to Ar,bound across the saddle, before I was sold in the Street of Brands."It was not easy to talk on the back of the great taro, with the wind, and,besides, though Iwanted to communicate with the girl, I felt I could not.She was looking at the horizon, and suddenly her body tensed."This is not theway to Ar," she cried."I know," I said."What are you doing?" She turned bodily in the straps, looking at me, her eyeswide."Where are you going, Master?"The word "Master," though it had come appropriately enough from the girl, whowas, legally at least, my property, startled me."Don't call me Master," I said."But you are my Master," she said.I took from my tunic the key my father had given me, the key to Sana's collar.I reached to the lock behind her neck, inserted the key and turned it,springing open the mechanism.I jerked the collar away from her throat andthrew it and the key from the tarn's back and watched them fly downward in along, graceful parabola."You are free," I said."And we are going to Thentis.She sat before me, stunned, her hands unbelievingly at her throat."Why?" sheasked."Why?"What could I tell her? That I had come from another world, that I wasPage 31 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmldetermined that all the ways of Gor should not be mine, or that I had caredfor her, somehow, so helpless in her condition-that she had moved me to regardher not as an instrumentality of mine or of the Council, but as a girl, young,rich with life, not to be sacrificed in the games of statecraft?"I have my reasons for freeing you," I said, "but I am not sure that you wouldunderstand them,"and I added, under my breath, to myself, that I was not altogether sure Iunderstood them myself."My father," she said, "and my brothers will reward you.""No," I said."If you wish, they are bound in honor to grant me to you, without brideprice.""The ride to Thentis will be long," I said.She replied proudly, "My bride price would be a hundred tarns."I whistled softly to myself-my ex-slave would have come high.On a Warrior'sallowance I would not file:///F|/rah/John%20Norman/Tarnsman%20of%20Gor.txt (28of 98) [1/20/03 3:36:22 AM]file:///F|/rah/John%20Norman/Tarnsman%20of%20Gor.txt have been able to affordher."If you wish to land," said Sana, apparently determined to see me compensatedin some fashion, "Iwill serve your pleasure."It occurred to me that there was at least one reply which she, bred in thehonor codes of Gor, should under stand, one reply that should silence her."Would you diminish the worth of my gift to you?" I asked, feigning anger.`She thought for a moment and then gently kissed me on the lips [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]