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. I said. And, she asked,  am I, your she-sleen, to be kept under perfect discipline? Of course, I said. You are a beast, she said. Yes, I said. If I were a she-sleen, she said, snuggling back into the pillow,  I think Iwould like a master such as you. You are a she-sleen, I said. And you? she asked. I am your master, I said. Keep me under perfect discipline, Master, she said. I will, I said.file:///F|/My%20Shared%20Folder/John%20Norm.%20Gor%2010%20-%20Tribesmen%20of%20Gor.html (191 of 353) [1/21/03 7:52:02 PM]10 Tribesmen of GorShe looked up at me, her lips parted, her eyes bright. I give you my permission, she said,  to do with me what you want. I do not need your permission, I said.Her hands were beside her bead, on the pillow. What are you going to do withme? she asked. You will see, I told her.I stood beside the couch, looming over her,looking down upon her.I saw she wished to say something.I waited.She rose up, on her elbows. I have never felt this way before, she said.I shrugged.I had no interest in her feelings. You are different from the others, she whispered,  the docile, weak ones. It is you, a female, I said,  who is weak, and it will be you who will bedocile. A she-sleen? she smiled. You are not truly a she-sleen, I said. Oh? she asked. What am I, truly? What do you feel like? I asked. I have strange feelings, she said. I have never felt them before.She looked at me. I feel, before you, she said,  weak, vulnerable.I want tobe overwhelmed by you, and held.I imagine a slave girl must have some suchfeelings, before a strong master.I smiled. You are so different, she said,  so different from the others, the weak,docile ones. It is you, I told her,  who is weak. I held her hands down, pinned, undermine, beside her head.She could not free herself. Yes, she said,  I am weak. She smiled up at me. And it is you, I told her,  who will be docile. Yes, she said,  I will be docile.I freed her hands, and looked down at her. Yes, she said,  I am helpless.I will be docile. You would make a pretty slave, I said. Would I? she asked. Yes, I said. What are you going to do with me? she asked.file:///F|/My%20Shared%20Folder/John%20Norm.%20Gor%2010%20-%20Tribesmen%20of%20Gor.html (192 of 353) [1/21/03 7:52:02 PM]10 Tribesmen of Gor You will see, I said. I beg your favor, said she. Warrior. What do you want? I asked.Page 135 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.html Tonight----please, Warrior, she said,  tonight let me be truly as a femaleslave.Treat me not as your mistress, who owns you, but as only a slave girl, whomyou own, at your mercy.Treat me as a slave girl! Please, Warrior, treat me asa slave girl! Oh? I asked. Teach me, she begged,  to be a woman! I do not have time, I said.She looked at me, wildly. I have a long kaiila ride ahead of me this night, I said.One of thescarves, whichI had been surreptitiously wadding at the side, I thrust swiftly, deeply, intoher mouth.She could not speak, but twisted, only tiny, fumbling sounds comingfrom her mouth.Kneeling across her, pinning her arms to her sides, I then,with the other scarf, tied the wadding securely in her mouth.Holding both herhands in my left hand I then dragged her from the couch to the side of theroom where, with my right hand, I tore down some of the soft cords used toarrange the voluminous, decorative drapes and hangings which adorned thechamber.I then threw her to the slave ring and, with the cords, tied herwrists behind her back, and then, passing the cord through the ring, crossedand tied her ankles together, pulling them rather close to her bound wrists.Ithen put her on her knees, bound hand and foot, at the slave ring.Shestruggled to face me, squirming, her eyes wild with rage.I looked to the door, considering the distance.Swiftly I pulled the binding of the wadding free.I then, moving swiftly, soas to be in place, went to the door.Head down, furious, Tarna fought to expelthe wadding, It took her a moment longer to do so than I had anticipated, butit did not disarrange my plans.She spit out the wet, heavy scarf.She threwback her head. Guards! she cried. Guards!In a moment the door flew open and the two guards, scimitars drawn, enteredthe room.They saw Tarna at the slave ring.They stopped, startled.I was behind them.Itook the neck of each and, in the instant before they could react, strucktogether theirfile:///F|/My%20Shared%20Folder/John%20Norm.%20Gor%2010%20-%20Tribesmen%20of%20Gor.html (193 of 353) [1/21/03 7:52:02 PM]10 Tribesmen of Gor heads, felling both.I closed the door.Tarna was looking at me, wildly. You tricked me, she cried, squirming at thering.I thrust the wadding back, deeply, in her mouth, securing it with the otherscarf. Yes, I said.I dragged the two unconscious guards to the side.I took the garments of one,and tied both, gagging them, to one side.One of the luxurious hangings Iflung over them.I moved swiftly to the door, and, opening it a crack, reconnoitered.I looked back to Tarna.She was enraged.She struggled.She had, of course,been bound by a warrior.She was helpless.Near the red silk I had cast aside,when donning the desert garments of the guard, on the tiles, I saw the vulgar,wooden, rounded, yellow slave beads, the necklace, which I had not chosen topermit being placed upon me.Tarna shrank back.She shook her head.I scooped up the beads, which were infive strands, and, kneeling behind her, pulling down her gown a bit, from theshoulders, to better display them, fastened them tightly about her throat [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]