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. If I were a slave, she said,  and I were here, what do you think would bedone with me? Mistress is not a slave! cried Milo, aghast. But, if I were? she asked. And you were caught? he asked. Of course, she said. Mistress would be severely punished, he said. Even though I am so beautiful? she asked, skeptically.Magicians of Gor Especially so! said he. Oh? she said. Yes, Mistress, he assured her. Interesting, she said. But Mistress is not a slave! he said. Lashed? she asked. The least that might be done to Mistress, he said,  would surely be that shewould be stripped, and tied, and lashed.Too, she might be bound, andsubjected to the bastinado.The free woman shuddered. And I do not think that Mistress would err in such a fashion again, he said. Perhaps not, she said.I glanced over at Tolnar, at the other observation portal.He looked over atme, and I returned my attention to the portal.The Ubara, moving very little, was still regarding herself in the mirror.She seemed moody. Mistress? asked the male slave. You do find me attractive, do you not? she asked. Of course, Mistress! he said. And do you not think other men might do so likewise? she asked. Certainly, Mistress! he said. Some think me the most beautiful woman in all Ar, she said. You are surely, said he,  the most beautiful woman on all Gor!near me Lavinia put down her head.A tear fell to the floor.(pg.446)  And I am Ubara! said the free woman. Yes, Mistress, said the slave. A Ubara, too, she said,  is a woman, and I have a woman s needs.Page 307 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlMagicians of Gor Yes, Mistress, said the slave.The Ubara then, bit by bit, piece by piece, looking at herself from time totime in the mirror, the slave standing back, removed her outer garments.Whenshe had stepped forth from her slippers, she stood before the mirror,barefoot, in a one-piece white, silken wraparound sliplike garment.It cameslightly above her knees.She then unpinned the dark wealth of her hair, andshook her head, and then, with both hands, lifted it, and then swept it back,behind her shoulders.She regarded herself in the mirror.It was all I coulddo not to rush forth into the other room and seize her.About her neck, on aleather thong, there was a small, capped leather cylinder.I was confident Iknew what it contained.Milo, on the other hand, would not.Milo had not hadwith him, I had determined, the note which had putatively come to him from theUbara, that which had been written by Lavinia.I supposed he had destroyed it, as it might prove dangerously compromising.Neither the Ubara nor Milo, of course, knew of the notes which they themselveshad supposedly written.All communications between then other than these hadbeen effected by Lavinia, to the Ubara in the guise of a slave of the house ofAppanius, toMilo in the guise of a state slave, with the exception of their rendezvousthis morning.With Lavinia as go-between, under my instructions, matters had proceeded expeditiously,culminating apace, save for some delays on the part of the Ubara, presumably,to increase the anxieties of, and torment, the poor slave, in the arrangementsfor this assignation. I wonder if I am truly the most beautiful woman on all Gor, said the Ubara,looking into the mirror. Certainly, said Milo.Near me, Lavinia had her head down, and in her hands. How could one doubt it? asked Milo.Near me Lavinia wept, silently.Tears had trickled down her wrists, and to thefloor.I noted that her knees were in proper position, spread, given the sortof slave she was. And you, Milo, said the Ubara,  are a handsome brute. I am pleased if Mistress should find me not displeasing, he said. And surely, she said,  you are the most handsome man in all Ar. Mistress, he said, softly, coming close to her.(pg.447)  Serve me wine! she snapped. Mistress! he asked. It that not wine, and assorted dainties, she asked,  on the table by thecouch, that which I see behind me, in the mirror? Yes, Mistress, he said. And certainly female slaves humbly and beautifully serve their masters insuch a way, she said.:Yes, Mistress, he said.Magicians of Gor Must a command be repeated? she inquired. I am a male slave, he said. I am not a female slave.Surely you are aware that male silk slaves are trained in such things as theserving of wine to their mistresses,she said. I am not a silk slave, he said. I see that a command must be repeated, she said. No, Mistress! he said.He hurried to the small table and put a tiny bit ofwine into one of the small glasses.He then returned, and knelt before her.Hethen, holding the tiny glass in both hands, his head down between his extendedarms, proffered her the beverage.But she did not receive it as yet at hishands. Look up, she said.Page 308 ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.htmlHe did so.She fingered the small, capped cylinder at her neck. Surely youknow what is contained in this capsule, she said.He did not respond.She uncapped it, and moved the tiny rolled paper a hort from the capsule, thathe might see it.Then she thrust it back in, triumphantly, and recapped thecylinder. You are a better actor than I gave you credit for, she said.He had remained impassive. You will obey me in all things, and not merely because you are a slave, shesaid,  but because of this. She tapped the tiny cylinder twice. I now holdall power over you, my dear Milo, even though I do not own you.it is given tome by this note.Should it come to the attention of Seremides, or Myron, orthe high council, or an archon of slaves, or perhaps even a guardsmen, you maywell conjecture what might be your fate.He looked up at her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]