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. I think you should be withHarte.He needs you, I think.And you need him. Harterepresented second chances to Gabriel, and that was somethingGabriel would need to look back on when things got bad, whichthey inevitably would. Will you come with us?Ellis gave a sidelong glance to the study door. I don t think so.Sir needs someone, too. William needed Harte, Ellis was sure, buthe d try his best to be good enough.After Gabriel went to bed Harte s Ellis knocked on thestudy door. Come in.The master was on his back on the sofa, an arm thrown over hiseyes.He lifted it just long enough to see who had entered. Gabriel s gone to bed, Sir. You should, too.I imagine you ll want to spend as much timeas possible with Gabriel tomorrow. Yes, Sir.But first I thought I d check on you. William laughed without mirth. Is that what we ve come to?You take care of me now? I always knew I was worthless as amaster.I just got greedy; I wanted what everyone else had.But noone tells you how hard it is when you do it properly. Maybe because no one but you does it properly, Sir.William looked at Ellis. Come here.Standing next to the sofa, Ellis placed his hand over William s. What would you do? William asked.A hundred things or more ran through Ellis s mind.Many ofthem illegal, most of them implausible.But just to have thefreedom to actually do something, anything& but then howhorrible would it be to have that power like William did andstill not be able to do anything? My best, Ellis said simply. Like you did. Like I did, William repeated.His hand weaved into Ellis shair, pulling him down for a kiss.Ellis enjoyed the illusorysensation of power as he hovered over William and kissed him tomake him forget his failure.* * *Things between Harte and the master were strained the nextday, but they were both making an effort to make it seem anythingbut.Nell made Gabriel s favourite breakfast, chocolate chippancakes though how she knew they were his favourite, no oneknew, because they d never eaten anything like that before.The entire day was too bright, too cheerful, and the swordoverhead dangled without mercy.They all tried to ignore it, but itglinted so malevolently.  Can we go swimming, Master? Harte asked in a carefulvoice, so different than his usual carefree lilt. Of course, William said, as if surprised to have been asked.Harte grabbed Gabriel and Ellis both, tugging them behindhim.He had to let go at the stairs because it was too dangerous,though it took Ellis to say it.Ellis stared in horror at the swimming shorts Harte handed him.They were made from the same white material the shifts were,which would become completely transparent once introduced towater, as they d discovered when they d given Gabriel his firstbath.Harte had exactly three pairs.He himself wore an older pairthat he d outgrown.Ellis got the biggest pair, though they couldn treally be called such as they were tight against his skin.They wereshort enough to be indecent, but just long enough to cover hiscock. I can t wear this, he protested once he d slipped the shorts onand tied them.He was uncomfortable with material between hislegs like that.The shift was so much more bearable. I might aswell wear nothing.Harte came up behind him and cupped his cock, making Ellisgroan as the tight cloth became tighter and much more obscene. As much as I d love for you to be naked, the niceties must beobserved.Gabriel s shorts actually fit him the best, as he was skinnyenough for them not to hug every free inch. Come on! Harte cried, racing out of the room.Ellis and Gabriel shared a smile.Harte was determined to makethe day perfect, so they would have to oblige him.Ellis only hopedthe shorts loosened a little in the water, or else he was certain they d split.He hadn t gone swimming yet, and despite theawkward ensemble, he was excited.William was torn between laughter and lust when he saw thethree slaves in matching white shorts. You three are positivelysinful, he said, leering at them.Harte jumped into the water to avoid answering, and Gabrielfollowed more timidly down the steps.Ellis knelt beside the master s outdoor chair and touched hisknee. It s going to be fine, Sir, he said, hoping he wasn toverstepping.William was watching Harte wistfully. You knowhe can t hold a grudge to save his life. I ve never made him so angry with me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]