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. Mason? Are you sure you re okay? You want me to follow you home? Cooper asked from hiscar.Mason shook his head. No, I ll be okay.I m just a little weirded out right now.I feel like thatguy is still watching me.I ll be fine once I get home and get into bed. Mason climbed into hiscar and pulled away from the bar, heading toward home.A Promise Kept - 53 Chapter FiveMason tried to get the visions of Carl Wallace out of his mind as he climbed into bed that night.The guy had really given Mason the creeps.There was something really wrong with that man,something evil that made Mason feel violated just from the look in his eyes.He had never experienced something like that before.He had never really had to tell someone tostay away from him, to stop touching him.Not that he had that many people trying to touch him,but he, at least, wanted to be able to say who could and couldn t do it.And the things the man had said they just made Mason s skin crawl.Mason felt totally freakedout.He got up quickly and double-checked the locks on the doors and windows.He knew it wassilly, but he couldn t help it.If he had a choice, he wouldn t even be alone tonight.Unfortunately, it was hard for any man to admit that he was scared, even him.Mason knew that alot of men thought the emotional responses were girly, but he felt that they were natural.Theyears of learning and research that he had done had just gone to prove to him that bottling up hisemotions would only increase his stress level, not relieve it.But there were times when theyoverwhelmed him, like now.Out of desperation Mason reached for his cell phone on his nightstand and dialed Jack s phonenumber.Jack had always made him feel safe.Maybe if he heard Jack s voice he would feelbetter.Mason held his breath as he heard the phone pick up and a groggy voice answered,  Hello?Oh god, he hadn t realized until he heard Jack s voice for the first time in weeks how much hemissed the man.It had been so long since Mason had seen Jack, since he had called Jack.Masonwanted to say something, anything.But words failed him as tears filled his eyes and fell downhis cheeks. Hello? Jack asked again.Mason covered his mouth with his hand to keep himself from saying anything.He wanted to, butif he did, he didn t know if he could keep himself from begging for Jack s affections. Mason? Jack said, his voice suddenly sounded low and husky. I know it s you, Mason.Mason s heart beat faster in his chest at Jack s words.How did Jack know it was him? He hadn tmade a sound, and he knew his number was blocked on caller ID.Silence reigned.It stretchedfor several moments as neither of them spoke.Mason was afraid to say anything.A Promise Kept - 54  Mason, I know it s you.Talk to me, please, Jacked pleaded. Fine, Mason, if you re not goingto talk to me, then stop calling me. He waited several moments for Mason to respond, to saysomething, anything.But Mason still didn t speak. I mean it, Mason.Don t call me again.Mason cringed when he heard the phone slam down.He held the phone to his chest for severalmoments before he could gather the strength to hang it up and set it down on his nightstand.He rolled over and punched his pillow several times as anger at himself filled his mind.He was so stupid! All he had to do was say one word and Jack would have talked to him.Onesingle word.But no, he had to just sit there like a bump on a log and not say anything.Masonpunched his pillow again then rolled it up into a ball under his head.What an idiot!It was just as well.Jack didn t want him.Jack had never wanted him.As hard as it was, he had toremember that.If he kept calling Jack he would never get over the man.He would never be ableto move on.That s all he needed to do, move on.There were days when he knew his life was getting better,that he was moving on without Jack.There were other days when he wondered why he even gotout of bed.It just never seemed to get any easier.***Jack slammed the phone back into its cradle and stared at it.He was so tired of this.Mason keptcalling him, but never said anything.He knew it was Mason calling.He always knew it wasMason calling.What he couldn t figure out was why Mason wouldn t talk to him.He knewMason cared about him.If Mason would just talk to him maybe they could work this all out.Itwas driving Jack crazy.Neither Bob nor Janet would tell him where Mason was living.They wouldn t tell Randy either [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]